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The iPad X (2018) - Will Change EVERYTHING!

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Text Comments (1776)
ZONEofTECH (3 months ago)
🍿 or iPad X?
NICKTOKING YT (9 hours ago)
ZONEofTECH ipad x
André Fortin (4 days ago)
well if its not using OLED display then it wont have a notch since as far im aware thats the reason they had to use OLED displays.
Owen O' Mahony (8 days ago)
iPad x
Roger Bond (10 days ago)
Vunier DJI Inspire ס
Morgan (26 days ago)
.Liam Grogan why can't we just have a top bezzle, with the camera and sensors on and no gross notch.
Sunil kum (4 hours ago)
fack vidio not view
X Man (17 hours ago)
2 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️
Mago Oscuro (1 day ago)
Majestic one 27 (1 day ago)
I lam still quite pleased with my 12.9 IPad Pro I gave myself this past Christmas >>>Even more pleased with the aftermarket Keyboard case I got on Amazon.... looks much like an IMac!
We Di Station (2 days ago)
1 opcion!
X X (3 days ago)
2 both add with app
X X (3 days ago)
don't forgot S
Algrim the Strong (3 days ago)
IPID? TUM-NAILS? C'mon...really? Slow down the pronunciation linguistics, genius...a lot.
DeJ Bi (3 days ago)
Samsung has this two years ago 😂
SitOnMyFace (2 days ago)
no one really has a samsung anything aside from TVs and monitors. Only shitheads have samsung tablets.
Liv Shadowtree (3 days ago)
As long I can add a keyboard and use a pencil I'm happy tho. ^^
Paul Smith (3 days ago)
I recently got the ipp 12.9” it will be the last iPad I ever purchase. Period. Don’t care what improvements (unless it could do holographic presentations) it has. Perfect size for a presentation or watching all my digital movies.
Omg I got that IPAD!but not IPAD X IPAD PRO
Danielle Steinhebel (4 days ago)
Currently watching this video on my iPad 2 that I have had for seven years and it still works like a dream 😎
Quique Leal (5 days ago)
please support fast and wireless charger also a wireless charging apple pencil cause sticking it down the port is just dumb lol...
Alexandre Lollini (5 days ago)
Something really new with Apple is impossible. What was new from the original iPhone on ? Nothing. I hope something new is coming, proving me wrong. What is exciting in something thinner with pixels so dense you don't see them (make gpu struggle and battery down) WHERE ARE REALLY GOOD AND "THINK DIFFERENT" THINGS ??? MacOS has bugs and new sluggishness, I wanted to love the iPhoneX but I don't. Apple mouses are still crap. Keyboards were goos when beige (still work) and then what ? My ipad mini 4 is fine, and my 7+ is great. I just need a new battery, and I keep it. I want batteries that are insulated from cpugpu heat, I want interchangeable batteries, I want transparent rollable tablet, holographic 3d things you can grab and move, projected keyboard made of light, etc. Incremental = zero risk = crap. DO SOMETHING APPLE.
juan Barrios (5 days ago)
No mamen , todavía no acabo de pagar la pro , translate please!
TSpitzmann (5 days ago)
Option 2 preferred
Ànkit Neupane (5 days ago)
Rapzin4real Rapelang (5 days ago)
Option 2
Esben Holdt Rude (6 days ago)
Emmanuel Siakabizi (6 days ago)
i go for option 1 its really cool and changes the looks of an ipad screen for the first time
howard weitzell (6 days ago)
Can I make a phone call with it? If not, it means nothing.
IanLeonardAct1 (7 days ago)
I like option 1
jk4geek (7 days ago)
The only thing it changes is your bank account. A nicer and faster iPad is just a ipad if they don't change the software to be capable of working as a real laptop.
The weird Show (7 days ago)
But how much will it be?
The weird Show (7 days ago)
HOODMONK (7 days ago)
No Face ID! (Don’t want it!)
Randy Blake (7 days ago)
Dude...the object is not to speak as fast as humanly possible, but to be intelligible!
Naweek Music (7 days ago)
Option 1!
marwan abdullatif (8 days ago)
Option 2
DelzieC (8 days ago)
Contrary to popular vote, it has to be option 1 for me. I love minimalism and I don't care too much about the notch, because like you mentioned, there is more than enough space on top. Developers should just be mindful about safe areas and ensure that applications can scale to devices with notches like iPhone X.
dorcas glaydor (8 days ago)
I love the first one
Lucas M (8 days ago)
is this guy the spiderman and Social Network actor?
Runeagle (8 days ago)
I have the iPad Pro 12.9 inch and I LOVE it!!! I also have the iPhone X and after having the iphone 4, 5, 6plus, and 7 plus, I think i liked my 7 plus the best. The X doesn’t have that “home” butting and I reall miss it!!!. I wish apple would come out with an updated ipencil!!
Runeagle (8 days ago)
I like style number 2
Lucas van Hout (9 days ago)
Option 1
BLAC ZOMBY (9 days ago)
We need a iPad Pro with desktop capabilities like the surface pro but in apple’s OS
Some Fella (9 days ago)
A load of chat
Kevin Hurlburt (9 days ago)
Option two
Clorox Bleach (9 days ago)
Gonna buy an iPad Pro 12.9 inch with 256 gb soon!
Troy Thomas (10 days ago)
Chris Browning (10 days ago)
Alex Geronimo (10 days ago)
stop talking too much..ur boring..talk the ipad x..
DξLΤΔ χ (10 days ago)
I personally hope the iPad goes more of the way of Microsoft’s Surface. That it would be actually a complete Mac OS system, or near that to keep the apps. Since I am increasingly using my iPad to do work and school work, my iPad is taking the place of my Mac book pro in many respects. Implementing a stronger processor, more in-depth functionality(like an actual pc) and increasing the screen again to something close to the Mac book 13”, this could be the point where Mac books and iPads start to merge. Plus it’ll bring screen touch to Mac books and who hasn’t been waiting for that. Call it the iBook. If there’s a god in heave make this so!
Keith Gagnon (11 days ago)
More screen=ripoff
Carlos Arturo Velarde (11 days ago)
I like the no-notch design better. And I hope they keep the 12.9 inch screen on the Pro.
NN99 (11 days ago)
What about wireless charging on new iPad's ? Any chance that also comes next, or is that still 1-2 yrs away ? re: bezel. option 2. Have the X, no notch is preferred. Although the 1st is stunning to look at.
DAVE O (11 days ago)
Option 2. How would a case work with option 1 with no bezel? Definitely option 2
Connor Read (12 days ago)
I love the option 2, but how would you know what the top of the iPad is?
Drawing Mimet (12 days ago)
Option two looks way better!
anirudh ralli (13 days ago)
Song - Code - Duck Face
crusing275 (13 days ago)
Option 2. Easier to work with cases, and to not have your fingers block part of the screen. Also, it think no bezel could effect some gestures, especially with case edges. Additionally, I don’t see much advantage to that smidgen more screen space.
Richard van Tricht (13 days ago)
For only 1500$ for a 32gb model
Jireh Bernardo (14 days ago)
2nd option
Martin Nicola (15 days ago)
Andrew Garfield? Is that you?
Rajat Nama (15 days ago)
the first one
Ryan & skyler Vlogs (15 days ago)
Option 1
ChristianTRP (17 days ago)
amethyst roman (17 days ago)
Any news on the iPad X? I can’t wait 😭😭😭
dramitex dramitexen (18 days ago)
Mark Woods (18 days ago)
I’ve only just purchased a IPad 12.9 Pro with the smart keypad it’s my 3rd IPad in total but I really like the sound of the IPad X so I’ll definitely trade in my IPad Pro
Lawrence Hannon (18 days ago)
Spidey ???
TheRealCritique (18 days ago)
THe idea that the ipad looks old school compared to the iphone X is ridiculous, especially considering the iphone X is failing.
A guy came into our video shop and recorded a 30 GB QuickTime file on our studio system. He wanted transferred to his iPad pro to edit. It was almost impossible to transfer, as there his only USB(ipad flavor) device could not handle a file that big, and we could transfer it over to him on our network because the iPad "Pro" has no file system for our network to move a file to. We had to convert it down to a less than "Pro" H.264 file for him to work with. What is Pro about this? Price?
Fl evans3k (18 days ago)
Option 1, more screen. Bezels are so Last Year.
Teemu Alaranta (19 days ago)
Absolutely option 2 if wanted to watch fullscreen movies
Chihuahua Rainbowcorn (19 days ago)
I had a dream that I had an IPad mini X gold rose😂
MOINUL HYE ASIF (19 days ago)
I like no. 1
Filipe Sá (21 days ago)
I bet they’ll notch it... so it will be as bad as the iPhone X.
Gray Rob (21 days ago)
My dad just has iPad 4
Radi Kowalski (22 days ago)
iPad X 2 no bezels.
Apple 134 (22 days ago)
Neon Tiger (22 days ago)
What about an AMOLED display
Aerohk (22 days ago)
Change the WORLD
Ns Ns (23 days ago)
arno nabuurs (24 days ago)
a piece of unrepairable garbitch
bstlybengali (24 days ago)
Bring on the notch
yonna B (24 days ago)
I wonder how much this would cost considering the price of the iPhone X, but I want this iPad when it comes out, whenever that is.
Tech Savvy (25 days ago)
Only Mac knows bazeless mobile tech
Baahby Joe (25 days ago)
WOTB PRO (25 days ago)
option 1 is incredible
RON TYLER (25 days ago)
Should I sell my I pad 5 to boy iPad x
ylber llubani (25 days ago)
ipad × ?
Nirmal Magar (25 days ago)
Bullshit. Did you se? Dont make people fool
Pablo Ruelas (25 days ago)
the notch in the iphone X is lazy design, jobs would have never allowed it, it's a compromise, I'm sure Apple​ is working on how to get rid of it.
Just saying the new iPad came out and it’s not even different.
Ipad Pro 256 GB with Iphone X 256 Gb this is killing cocktail that beats any one on the market its HUGE!!!
Daria Marie (27 days ago)
I like the 1 choice of the new iPad
Lori Briscoe (28 days ago)
Watching from my iPad pro 12.9 inch
DOUBLE-M (29 days ago)
2nd option please!!!!
Ell Lee (29 days ago)
Second one would work best
Ali Boyacıoğlu (29 days ago)
Either one is fine for me.
altjin annaTUBE (29 days ago)
ssnoey01 (29 days ago)
Design 1
Eric Borkowski (1 month ago)
I can’t imagine an iPad faster then the iPad Pro 2017, it is so fast and nothing slows it down.
Geng Chen (1 month ago)
Second one
Slan Wallander (1 month ago)
Second option ...for sure.
Stan Oster (1 month ago)
I like option 1, I have an iPad Air and it’s lagging, so I’m buying the new iPad.
Michael Wu (1 month ago)
Second one. And I wish new iPad would be round-cornered.
Emirhan Kocabaş (1 month ago)
WTFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!! No no OMG NOT REALY!!

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