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Castle for sale by LEGGETT real estate France ref 58805CS36

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details here : http://www.leggettprestige.com/french-property-for-sale/view/58805CS36/house-for-sale-in-ch%C3%A2teauroux-indre-centre-france
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Zant Burdine (2 months ago)
Looks like the castle from the Danny Kaye Movie the Scarlet Pimpernel. or was it the brown fox?
Scarrrzzz (3 months ago)
8 million actually isn’t that bad considering it’s a castle!
Pavao Špigelski (4 months ago)
Jako smeta preveliki logotip.
Penny Smith (4 months ago)
You'll probably find in on the Leggett site under French chateau(x). It is stupid not showing the interiors and I can only think it's because the owners don't want to show their stuff on the video!
Leggett Immobilier (4 months ago)
all the interiors are shown in the 360° virtual tour, there was no interior video simply because when we released that one, we did not have the equipment for that. Thanks. http://www.leggettprestige.com/french-property-for-sale/view/58805CS36/house-for-sale-in-châteauroux-indre-centre-france
Gavyn DePriest (4 months ago)
why is it the minecraft music 😂😂😂
Leggett Immobilier (4 months ago)
?? Eric Satie, Gymnopédie... not Minecraft you know, that guy was born in Normandy in Honfleur and is one of the greatest french musician ever. voilà :)
Wortem14 (5 months ago)
Perfect place to start the Kingdom of Hallenstien, I'm swaying more towards a monarchy than a republic.
My Perspective (6 months ago)
Nice👍 I would buy it.
ron p (7 months ago)
Is the tennis court included?
Leggett Immobilier (7 months ago)
Yes and loads of other dependencies.
casey jason (7 months ago)
If only
Dale Hill (10 months ago)
Worthless without interiors.
Leggett Immobilier (10 months ago)
the interiors are shown here http://www.leggettprestige.com/french-property-for-sale/flash1/V52106?iframe=true&width=100%&height=100%
Rajkumar Herma (10 months ago)
show inside rooms
Hi, it's me! (10 months ago)
I want it.
bayo salad (1 year ago)
liked the chateau, but stayed for the music ...
SithLordmatthew (1 year ago)
The walls are 2 meters thick you can see that in the window boxes in the pics on the web site. This was actually designed as a castle not a palace.
Frank Brown (1 year ago)
you can see the rooms go to the wesbite
cjodigo (1 year ago)
How am I gonna buy this place if I can't see the inside lol
Leggett Immobilier (10 months ago)
check on the website, it's all there, and also there is the virtual tour http://www.leggettprestige.com/french-property-for-sale/flash1/V52106?iframe=true&width=100%&height=100%
Whitney Harris (1 year ago)
interior photos are available through the link in the description
Lawrence Bradley (2 years ago)
so whats the name of this song
Ron Post (1 year ago)
Bonjour Lawrence........Erik Satie - Gymnopédie No.1, No.2, No. 3: 3 short, but very delicate and exquisite tunes. Check youtube!
Ruby K (2 years ago)
Where is this remarkable chateau?
Daniel St Andrew (2 years ago)
I can picture myself living out the rest of my life in that beautiful setting.
Eric Liang (6 months ago)
Ratanbir Singh (1 year ago)
Me Too!
Martina Vaslovik (2 years ago)
Views of the interior would have been nice.
dogsitter68 (1 year ago)
thanks absolutely amazing its perfect
Leggett Immobilier (2 years ago)
+Martina Vaslovik you can visit the inside in this 360° virtual tour if you want, it's an amazing place, i've been visiting a lot of Castles for Leggett (i'm their Photographer) but really, it's simply the most beautiful castle i've seen so far. http://tours.frenchestateagents.com.s3.amazonaws.com/christopher/christopher.html
Alan Fuller (2 years ago)
+Martina Vaslovik You can see pictures of the interior on www.frenchestateagents.com and many more chateau besides. This is a drone video but there will also be a full virtual tour on the website.
Trevor Leggett (2 years ago)
Stunning images
Leggett Immobilier (9 months ago)
Sad I did not cover the interior in video at that time, but we still have the pictures and a nice virtual tour for that one, there : http://www.frenchestateagents.com/french-property-for-sale/view/58805CS36/house-for-sale-in-Ch%C3%A2teauroux-indre--france

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