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Best NEW Chinese Phones Oct 2017 - Top 8 Best

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The Best New Chinese Phones that were released or announced in October 2017, check out our pick for the best 8. You need to check out #4. Let us know what you think of this new phone design by commenting below or voting in the poll. Do you want to see more smartphones like this? Top Phones - 8GB RAM! - Best of 2017 https://youtu.be/AqYePWJ0o38 Best Cheap Bezel-less Smartphones 2017 - Top 5 https://youtu.be/3OiAqIy4Kbs Top 6 Best Budget Smartphones to Buy 2017 https://youtu.be/Wd75pjLsBd4 Best Unique Super Phones - Top 5 https://youtu.be/LLSXl11JHUM Best Flagship Killers 2017 - Top 10 https://youtu.be/2jjbN_Kuyc4 Specs List for the best Chinese Phones of October 2017: Vivo V7 Plus (incorrectly called X7 Plus in the video) - 5.99” 720x1440 18:9 display, Snapdragon 450, 4GB RAM, 64GB storage + microSD, 16MP rear / 24MP front camera, 3225mAh battery, Android 7.1.2, ~$350USD Honor 7X - 5.93” 1080x2160 18:9 display, Kirin 659, 4GB RAM, 32/64/128GB storage + microSD, 16MP+2MP rear / 8MP front camera, 3340mAh battery, Android 7.0, ~$300USD Vivo X20 - 6.01” 1080x2160 18:9 AMOLED, Snapdragon 660, 4GB RAM, 64GB storage + microSD, 12MP+5MP rear / 12MP front camera, 3250mAh battery, Android 7.1.1, ~$450USD ZTE Axon M - Dual 5.2” 16:9 1080x1920 displays, Snapdragon 821, 4GB RAM, 64GB storage + microSD, 20MP camera, 3180mAh battery, Android 7.1.2, ~$700USD Nubia Z17 S - 5.2” 1080x1920 16:9 display, Snapdragon 653, 6GB RAM, 64GB storage + microSD, Dual 13MP rear / 16MP+5MP front camera, 3200mAh battery, Android 7.1, ~$350USD Mi Mix 2 - 5.99” 1080x1920 18:9 display, Snapdragon 835, 6GB/8GB RAM, 64/128/256GB storage, 12MP rear / 5MP front camera, 3400mAh battery, Android 7.1, ~$600USD Huawei Mate 10 Pro - 6.0” 1080x2160 18:9 display, Kirin 970, 4GB/6GB RAM, 64/128GB storage , 20+12MP rear / 8MP front camera, 4000mAh battery, Android 8.0, ~$900USD
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Text Comments (78)
TUSHAR jain (16 days ago)
is mi is best or vivo is best for mobile
Bugatti Boss (2 months ago)
Chinese phone makers have really come a long way
Pilo2018 newcubing (3 months ago)
Iphone has no future.. There are so many Chinese smartphone today that maybe an IPhone 50 specs....
Zakaria Bouchbaat (3 months ago)
China is dominating the world
Christian Azubuike (3 months ago)
where does the phantom 8 come in please?
Des Taylor (4 months ago)
Most Chinese phones only last about 6-12 months then they start to fail save your money their phones are mostly rubbish.
Sommer Treap (25 days ago)
Des Taylor This is my 26th month of using my Huawei Mate 8. Still blazing fast almost as good as brand new. Never once lagged or any software problem. I haven't used a case for more than a year because no matter how I dropped the phone there's no damage. Before Huawei, I used to own Samsung and LG flagships but they both started to slow down after about 7 to 8 months; when they reached the 1.5 year mark they became so slow that I couldn't bare with them and had to get new ones.
K (29 days ago)
How ironic that I'm typing this on my 16 month old Huawei
Max z (2 months ago)
shut up ! buy india , be indian! jai hind!
Des Taylor (2 months ago)
That's because of the strict quality control imposed upon them by Apple. When left to their own devices they produce inferior quality products whether it be Electronics, Foodstuffs, Clothing, Vehicles. etc...
金天辰 (2 months ago)
Des Taylor oh your apple is made in china man
jheng nazal (4 months ago)
Yes Huawei is the intelligent mobile phone. I love Huawei
BlackArtz (2 months ago)
because I have the huawei p8 lite 2016 and am totally dissatisfied, the new ones are better, but it annoyed me so much
JohnnyY (2 months ago)
BlackArtz (2 months ago)
jheng nazal and i hate huawei
Chuck Williams (4 months ago)
99% phones are Chinese, especially iPhones.
Physiology Shark (4 months ago)
1:05 V7 or X7?
Hye sir bas thodi si help kardijiye mujhe aapka support chaiye meko sirf 1000k subscriber tak pahucha do aapki badi meharbani hogi me bahut mehnat krr rha hoon bhai but abhi bhi 300 subacriber hue hai aapki madar chaiye meri thodi help kr dijiye bas thoda promote krr dijiye ek minute ki video bana krr bhi karenge to aapki badi meharbani ho gi plz sir help us
RollerRoy (4 months ago)
Hi guys. Would you have any advice on an Android with decent specs, 5in or smaller under 400$ ??
Apna Mohit (5 months ago)
very good :) get more subscribe
Santé DZ (5 months ago)
Where is the fastest phone in the world with the world's certificate of it? oneplus 5555555555555 boooom !! My friend right away Huawei 10 and landed his big place. oneplus 5 🔥🔥
Tech Best (5 months ago)
This is a list of phones that were released or announced in October 2017 only. Phones that were NOT released or announced in October (eg OnePlus 5) have not been included.
Mauro RAELIANO (5 months ago)
Candice tran (5 months ago)
Holy!!! i never hear or saw Zte fone 2 screen before!! it look smart design but is it good fone?? like...how good? (don't speak english well) can someone enlighten me, it look really interesting!!
Man Aap (5 months ago)
no vernee mix 2 lol
BOBBYBOB BOBO (5 months ago)
that is not the mainstream chinese smartphone in China. They only sell their copycat in US. Vernee Mix2 is a copycat of Xiaomi Mi MIX 2. In China, the main brands of phones are Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, ZTE(Nubia), etc.
Captain Izad75 (5 months ago)
There's no such thing as Vivo X7 plus ! Only Vivo V7 and plus
Tech Best (5 months ago)
The spec's listed are for the V7+. The video shown is the V7+. I made a mistake by calling it an X7+ in the video (It should have said V7+). You said "there is no such thing as X7+" so the link was just to prove there is such a thing as X7+. Hope that explains it. Peace.
Captain Izad75 (5 months ago)
Tech Best website said 5.7 inches display you said 5.99 inches display.that variant has 652 soc.I think v7 has 400+ soc
Tech Best (5 months ago)
Video should say V7+ not X7+, made a mistake. However, there is such a thing as an X7+ https://www.gsmarena.com/vivo_x7_plus-8181.php
Vedula Nageswar (5 months ago)
Chinese phones are not good. One proverb in Hindi , chal Gaya to chand tak , NAHI Chala to Sham tak. Don't realize on Chaines good.
robert jata (5 months ago)
Henry (5 months ago)
i-phone & samsung???it make in China
Tech Best (5 months ago)
Apple is an American company, Samsung is Korean. This list is phones made by Chinese companies.
Harvey Solomon (5 months ago)
Any of these models listed work for Sprint ?
BOBBYBOB BOBO (5 months ago)
Mi MIX2 42 Global LTE Bands
Tech Best (5 months ago)
This site lists what phones work with what network https://goo.gl/VV1yP9 however some of these phones may be to new to have been listed yet.
tirc stelian (5 months ago)
Oneplus Nr 1
Edinícyus Naciir (5 months ago)
Where is the OnePlus????
Jiří Vaníček (4 months ago)
Edinícyus Naciir jirkavani@seznam.cz
Tech Best (5 months ago)
What phone did OnePlus release in October? OnePlus 5 came out in June and the OnePlus 5T isn't out yet.
YoYo Yo (5 months ago)
Chinese phones are for beggars and cheapskates...
Joseph McIntyre (3 months ago)
Since you're BiGG Bank Hank. I'll take a Note 8 6.3 inch 256gb. Thank you
For Real (4 months ago)
YoYo Yo , for monkeys like you surely don't deserve it
Thomas Pianta (5 months ago)
and Iphone are made where??? thats right china you fool!
Tyrell Hubbard (5 months ago)
Iphones are made in china
Old David Who (5 months ago)
Only difference is marketing and target audience.. some smartphones could really grow up to iphone and samsung..
Atharv More (5 months ago)
Your vidoe's title reduces your likes and views😂😂😂
Are any of these phones Verizon compatible?
Tech Best (5 months ago)
you can check network compatibility on this site https://goo.gl/VV1yP9
Khabcha 9K (5 months ago)
j'aime bien c portable.. dommage qu'ils ne sont pas facilement accessible
Beauty Of Pakistan (5 months ago)
china industry is grown up
StrikerSG (5 months ago)
Once you realize tha every cell phone is chinese, even your beloved iphone...
flipwarrior (5 months ago)
You’re an idiot. The reason most electronics are made or manufactured in China is because the labor cost is quite cheap. China has a large land. The Western world do not care about poisoning or polluting its land and people, although they do feel bad for its animals. The iPhone is designed mainly by Apple, meaning research and engineering is done by Apple. Apple uses the Chinese to economically manufacture its products. Apple saves money, and it doesn’t have to pollute Civilization.
Captain Izad75 (5 months ago)
Rairai Esse so what counts as right ?
Cloud Esse (5 months ago)
Plinio wrong
Tech Best (5 months ago)
Yes iPhones are mostly made in China, I say mostly because its displays are mainly made in Japan by Japan Display and Sharp, and some are still made in South Korea by LG Display, the Touch ID sensor is made in Taiwan by TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) and Xintec. Apple has over 200 suppliers on it's list of suppliers that come from all over the world. But the company itself is US and that's why iPhones are still considered to be US not Chinese (it's where the biggest profits go).
Extreme BTS Fan Trash (5 months ago)
The vivo ones where the best
HB Shaad (5 months ago)
Make video with specification
jg m (4 months ago)
no bla bla and fancy video show !! we want FACTS and DATA !
Tech Best (5 months ago)
specs now added to the description, thanks :)
Nubia is cool in all but they have bad marketing sites and place 😭😭😭
Tech Best (5 months ago)
I agree
Rohit S Cherian (5 months ago)
Tech Best (5 months ago)
Hey Buddy! :)
Banana Banana (5 months ago)
that zte tho is so dope..having two screen..
Tech Best (5 months ago)
it will be interesting to see if anyone else creates similar designs
Tuan Le (5 months ago)
Tech Best (5 months ago)
You gotta check out #4! Let me know what you think of the concept or vote in the poll :)
Where is UMIDIGI Z1 pro?
Edinícyus Naciir (5 months ago)
Sorry for that. Thanks for the reminder. You deserve a subscription.💪💪💪
Tech Best (5 months ago)
OnePlus 5 is one my favourite phones of 2017
COYH, UTT (5 months ago)
Tech Best For some reason it's getting a lot of flack , but I actually like it , so long as the battery can cope.
ci36016 (5 months ago)
I see, I thought it was about the best chinese phones til October 2017.

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