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Car Insurance - Should You Get Betterment Waiver? - #KonOTR | EvoMalaysia.com

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For cars above five years of age, insurance only covers a portion of accident repair costs. The reason is that fully repairing your car with brand new original parts enhances your car to a state that was better than it was before the accident. Betterment charges is the insurance companies' way of making you pay for that difference. The older your car, the bigger that difference will be, and you may be expected to pay anywhere between 20 and 50% of the overall repair costs. In view of this, if you're driving a luxury car more than five years of age, you may want to consider paying for betterment waiver. It is, in essence, a top up of your premium to enable you to get full insurance coverage in accident involving your aging car. Insurance companies don't really promote this, but you should ask about it the next time you renew your policy. Also watch: Car Insurance in Malaysia, A Summary - https://youtu.be/VMAcYCGmHEU Subscribe after watching and give us a like at www.facebook.com/aurizn. Our team also includes: - Bobby: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzza... - Beng: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSHA... www.aurizn.com www.evomalaysia.com www.estatemalaysia.com www.caratmalaysia.com www.idmalaysia.com
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Text Comments (28)
L L (3 days ago)
Hello kon,if I buy 2014 last gen jetta, what problem may arise and can wernes fix it? Tq *for axia money to buy a sleeper car I feel it not bad can go evo enduro ulu yam ~ https://www.carlist.my/used-cars/2011-volkswagen-jetta-1-4-tsi-a-tiptop-wellmaintain-likenew/4840181
Kon Wai Luen (3 days ago)
This kind of thing varies from car to car mate. But get the dealer to bring it over for a check. We'll diagnose all issues and you'll have a clearer picture of the car's situation before buying.
pikachu mouse (5 days ago)
the top up.. is excess amount... i claim on he insurrance, 4k... but i have to pay a rm500++ excess... the girl help me write a letter send to insurance company to help me claim, and claim how many days i got no car to use....
pikachu mouse (5 days ago)
Kon Wai Luen Toyota hilux , kiss from rear...
Kon Wai Luen (5 days ago)
500 is not too bad la, what car is it?
tctham (6 days ago)
Skipping the betterment may not only give you oem parts. If there are no oem parts, they will give you second hand original parts, (which have a tendency to breakdown after their warranty period). I had a second hand exhaust sensor died immediately after the warranty.
tctham (5 days ago)
Kon Wai Luen true.. didn't know there was a betterment waiver. I'd go for it after my past experience. Edit: i mean i rather top up on the insurance premium to make sure i can get the better deal from the betterment. Especially if the ride is expensive
Kon Wai Luen (5 days ago)
Yeah. For cars with relatively cheap parts, it's not so bad, because you top up a small amount. Expensive cars, i'd say dont play the fool.
khalis711 (6 days ago)
Mind to share which company the guy told you abt the betterment waiver he's working with? Gonna knock his office asking abt it. Got a 7 year old car need to hv this benefit.
Kon Wai Luen (6 days ago)
All insurance companies offer this facility, but you need to ask for it.
Betty Yeoh (6 days ago)
Some insurance companies are offering betterment extension for a premium.
Kon Wai Luen (6 days ago)
Yeah, though some only offer it to limited number of models. It's not worth if you're driving a Proton or Perodua, but you may want to consider it if your car has fancy lights that costs thousands a pop.
bieight8 (6 days ago)
Earn more money and change car every year, then no problem
Kon Wai Luen (6 days ago)
Every year is a bit much la
Shaun Tan (6 days ago)
Very informative kon. My old car is 21yrs and new is 4yrs old. That's why I took HIP
Shaun Tan (5 days ago)
pikachu mouse your right
pikachu mouse (5 days ago)
Shaun Tan maybe he drive a toyota camry 20yrs old and buy HIP.. i only know HIP is for new honda and cover for 10yrs only
Shaun Tan (6 days ago)
Kon Wai Luen sorry. Forgot to mention HIP is for new car. Honda Insurance Package under Honda panel
Kon Wai Luen (6 days ago)
Philip Sta Maria (6 days ago)
Thx dude. This is important ! 👍🏻😁
Kon Wai Luen (6 days ago)
Thanks for watching!
James Soong (6 days ago)
good information. Do Malaysia have daily or weekly or monthly insurance package instead of buying a yearly insurance. For instances when I only drive the car once every 2 months. thanks
Kon Wai Luen (6 days ago)
I wish they do, but they don't. Road tax can be renewed half-yearly, but insurance is always an annual thing.
Betty Yeoh (6 days ago)
James Soong you should write to the transport ministry to request whether they can sell you daily road tax since you don’t drive your car often.🙄
Mohsein Mosh (6 days ago)
Im sooo gonna share this ! I have experience with this on my prev wira. Insurance covers the damages but still i have to topup some cash 😑
Kon Wai Luen (6 days ago)
Thanks for sharing!
Joezer D (6 days ago)
Kon..the waja suspension is it torsion beam or multi link for the rear? The front is macpherson struts right?
Kon Wai Luen (6 days ago)
MacPherson strut front, multi-link rear.

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