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iPhone 6s vs iPhone 6s Plus Rose Gold - Dual Unboxing

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Apple iPhone 6s vs iPhone 6s Plus DOUBLE Unboxing and comparison UK Rose Gold version. Unboxing, first look, comparison and First Boot. Subscribe for more: http://goo.gl/Cx6HWH Help support the channel when shopping on Amazon: US: http://amzn.to/1PGgasB UK: http://amzn.to/1ENfsHz Follow me on: Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/SuperSaf Twitter - http://twitter.com/SuperSaf GooglePlus - http://www.google.com/+SuperSaf YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/SuperSaf Instagram - http://instagram.com/SuperSafTV Web: http://www.SuperSaf.com/
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Text Comments (339)
msp (1 month ago)
Rose gold thats better 😀
Vijay Kumar (9 months ago)
rose gold
OMG! ItsAnayaD (10 months ago)
Mines did not com with that SIM card thingy
6s or 6s plus???
Maureen Jimenez (1 year ago)
I actually saw that "gray color" instead of rosegold
Hailey Larimer (1 year ago)
I like it too I wish it stayed on the ipone7 and ipone 7 plus
Aniyahdomoandcrissy (1 year ago)
can you buy me an iphone6s please ok and I will buy you some thing
Aniyahdomoandcrissy (1 year ago)
and me
Brittanni Anderson (1 year ago)
i love the antennae band,the 7 is really ugly without it
Storm Mann (1 year ago)
The rose gold 6s has a different color to the 6s plus don't you think?
Niiibs (1 year ago)
k thanks i think ill buy this now the 7 is out and its cheaper!
Salsabila Mutiah (1 year ago)
I like ur video
Sweet Potato (1 year ago)
"Paper work, which you probably won't read" me asf 😂
solid snake (1 year ago)
I want the 6s do you?
Anna Todd (1 year ago)
I love my ROSE GOLD 6s so much. And it is more rose gold than pink.
Us Tx (1 year ago)
hey Saif you might want to get the 6s checked cause I see some distortion(shadows or dim pixels maybe) in the whites of the 6S display at startup on 2:25. And they're not visible on the 6S plus at all.
Laurent de backer (1 year ago)
I actually don't really mine the antenna bands... The color is Rosegold for sure :-)
Sweet White Chocolate (1 year ago)
i know this is wired..... but it loooks a bit silver
gihan hamdy (1 year ago)
Mien rose gold some time it looks gold and sometimes looks silver everything from the light
çağatay ULUSOY (1 year ago)
Please ... iphone se vs iphone 6s plus
Arnell Johnson (1 year ago)
I'm a Galaxy S6 Edge user. I love Samsung to the fullest, especially their Galaxy S line. This phone is beautiful with the curve screens and features, but at the same time I would love to try something new perhaps an iPhone! Should I make the switch? What do you guys think?
Golden trashcan (1 year ago)
Yes definitely, iPhone 6s has more technology especially 3D Touch. In addition it's got the beautiful colours, and have durable screens
one two (2 years ago)
is it gay that i have this phone
The Babadook (1 year ago)
one two no, it just means your not a pussy to admit you like the color.
All things Essence (2 years ago)
Ok guys I have a question I have a 6s rose gold right now and I'm deciding rather I should use all my money to buy the 6s plus .. I feel like I need a bigger phone but I don't want to waste my money.. What should I do !!
Alaina Hunt (2 years ago)
Rose gold or silver? Which looks better
Amber Bryant (2 years ago)
The rose gold is very nice
Nour ehab (2 years ago)
It's a pink
Yassmine Adam Terda (2 years ago)
PS:I want the iPhone 6s rose gold or plus
Yassmine Adam Terda (2 years ago)
Please can you tell me how can you buy so much iPhone it's not fair
Arionne Watford (2 years ago)
It look rose gold
Brayden H (2 years ago)
lol I forgot that Europe had those fooked up designed outlets
Jen-Jen Chubb (2 years ago)
Love the video!
Jen-Jen Chubb (2 years ago)
I'm 10 but I'd rather have an iPhone 6s Rose Gold Plus...
Jaclyn Brown (11 months ago)
XOXO Jen Jen I
Jen-Jen Chubb (2 years ago)
I would call it a Rose Gold colour/color.
Avemaria Dial (2 years ago)
this color is rose gold
Taylor H (2 years ago)
I think it looks more pink
liakiousss (2 years ago)
6s Plus Rose Gold... aaaaaahhhh you dont need it riiight? hahaha :P great video!
aliyyahawnah (2 years ago)
i need it :(
Farhan mohammed (2 years ago)
Rose gold
tahar waer (2 years ago)
nice vid . love the noise of the plastic when taken of the phone . I think its more of a rose gold P.S I come from England / London
tokyoblue (2 years ago)
Wow the color is beautiful. I watched a lot of videos of the rose gold iPhone but mostly it looks very pink.
unicornsloveme (2 years ago)
i can't decide wheter i should get the rose gold or just the gold... i am dying
The Babadook (1 year ago)
unicornsloveme rose gold.
Lori Reece (1 year ago)
unicornsloveme That was a tough decision for me. I finally decided on rose gold. I LOVE it!!!
emma weekman (2 years ago)
Rose gold
jay_615 (2 years ago)
im a guy is rose gold really pink.. i got the wrong one plz let me know might have to get a cover lol
le Art (2 years ago)
+jay_615 i like it to, who gives a fuck what people say or like, if you like it, than its ok
badria khalifa (2 years ago)
Hey, just wanted to ask do the iPhone 6S's have the CE logo on the bottom back?
Louisa Cooper (2 years ago)
Only in Europe I think... Apple are only authorised to take off those logos in America I believe😄 oh well,min just gonna have to deal with the logos on my phone😄
Anna Smith (2 years ago)
Am I the only one that actually likes the white antenna line things on the back of the phone xD?
Elise Marie (9 months ago)
Anna Smith I like them, they look nice
one two (2 years ago)
it looks awesome
Sociopathic Jerk (2 years ago)
I do too
Johnny Jouha (2 years ago)
i like them tho
Anna Smith (2 years ago)
+Lois v Same. Not many cases match the rose gold :/
Antonio Brienza (2 years ago)
6s o 6s plus?
Cheylin Calhoune (2 years ago)
I've had a iPhone 4s for quite a while
Tejinder Paul Singh (2 years ago)
I want to buy iPhone 6s Plus, Which colour should be best buy? Please reply?
Solar Seeing (2 years ago)
bouta drop 850 on this phone hopefully black friday makes it cheaper
B1L4L (2 years ago)
didnt apple remove the fcc labels on the back of the devices
harrylogic (2 years ago)
Kaylah Malaya (2 years ago)
i don't know why but most people tend to look at the cheap things inside the box and put away the most expensive thing aside
Jasmeena Uddin (2 years ago)
Have you noticed how American You Tubers reviews of the iPhone6s does not have the last row of details on there anymore. But the UK stock of the iPhone 6s does. it annoys me! :( Overall good review well done!
pinkie cooper (2 years ago)
rose gold
BILLIONAIRE BOi (2 years ago)
B T (2 years ago)
When I got my IPhone 4 (I'm using it right now since I don't have a better phone) I never got the apple earbuds.
Mohit Jadhav (2 years ago)
thanks for keeping is silent while removing the plastic cover...😝👍
martinus krisma (2 years ago)
Now im 100% certain to go for this 6s rose gold thanks to this unbelievably good video. Keep it up Saf xD
martinus krisma (2 years ago)
+Jessie Smith what abt u? xD
Jessie E. Rainbow (2 years ago)
+martinus krisma 👏👏👏👏👏 good choice
martinus krisma (2 years ago)
+Jessie Smith i do.
Jessie E. Rainbow (2 years ago)
so... you have the rose gold?
Joneshia (2 years ago)
I love it. I don't think that it is as pink as some have claimed. (But again, I took art classes for 10 years and have to distinguish between shades of colors). You definitely see the gold hue. It's a true rose gold. I think it was the lighting of the other videos that made them look extra pink. I wouldn't have bought it if it was a true pink.
TheFrecklish (2 years ago)
+Joneshia Jacobs Thanks! :)
Joneshia (2 years ago)
+TheFrecklish It is a true rose gold. I'm not sure if you've had the chance to see the rose gold Apple Watch, but it's the exact same color. I was afraid that it was going to be too pink (similar to the pink of the 5C, which I hated). But the lighting and YouTube vids don't do it justice. The clones were pink. But the color of the clones and the real phones are nothing alike. So if you really want to get it, please do! I promise you that it's not pink.
TheFrecklish (2 years ago)
+Joneshia Jacobs So it IS rose gold? Have heard so many say it's pink, and as a person who doesn't really like pink but loooves the colour rose gold, it's really hard for me to choose, because if it's too pink I want the gold one. You can still only preorder them in my country for a low price, so I can't see them in person.
Linda Liu (2 years ago)
I'm so confused, in some videos they look extreamly pink (which i don't like and that's why i am confused about getting it or not), in others a fifty fifty and in this one is proper rose gold. I really want it to be rose gold, what if i get it and it turns out super pinkish toned? I hope someone can help me. I need to get a new phone because i still have a shattered iPhone 4s
Linda Liu (2 years ago)
Got the rose gold one, and I can really say that this video shows the real color!
Justin Aguirre (2 years ago)
Its because of the different lightings in videos
Jacob Zu (2 years ago)
+Linda Liu this video accurately depicts the color of the rose gold, a lot of youtubers edit their videos so much that it may look like a hot pink.
Linda Liu (2 years ago)
+SuperSaf TV Yes that's seems right, but unfortunally here in Italy they will have them available in store the 9th October so I have to wait a little, but thank you! 
SuperSaf TV (2 years ago)
+Linda Liu my advice is to pop into a store and have a look at it in hand for yourself, all the best
Shekh Rabi Hassan (2 years ago)
Nice review ! Thank you !
Jewels Fields (2 years ago)
this is the first video I've seen where the phone doesn't look pink. Great because I pre ordered one.
C H (2 years ago)
Mohammed El Sanousi (2 years ago)
shitty indian. ... i am from uk said hhhhh i am sure your name is aron or kumar
shafraf chowdhury (2 years ago)
I don't even know what rose gold looks like.
Mohit Jadhav (2 years ago)
looking at the photos everywhere I really thought its pink but its not..let's see how it looks and feels in hand's when it finally comes in the stores
Easter Bunnymund (2 years ago)
I call these a rose gold and I want to take the iphone 6s plus rose gold
moonpriest01 (2 years ago)
Does it looks gay for a man to have that color?
Jessie E. Rainbow (2 years ago)
Nope, looks cool...
Calisparkz2 (2 years ago)
Not at all dude, I think it's the one I'll get
Michael Yanez (2 years ago)
Seth Clayburn (2 years ago)
Yes!!!!!...it's nothing like the sound of plastic being pealed off a new phone..
No Names (2 years ago)
There had to be a visual "point of refference" next to these phones. Say: a short ruler, a CD disk, a key - some object familiar to the viewers, which would provide a reference point, so users could better visualize the phones.
Attiq Haroon (2 years ago)
is it only me finding shades in your iPhone 6S's Display. from left to right. It was clear when Apple was showing on. maybe its just something like a fingerprint.
WGACA (2 years ago)
Was expecting a bit more extensive comparison, but for me the S6 is still king. More detail, better low light, better microphone.
Jonathan schlecht (2 years ago)
Our rose golds in the us don't look nothing like it looks pink here. But it is a nice color. I got to pick one up and play around with it. It's a nice color and everything I even thought bout getting one because the narcissistic side of me is like I got the new iPhone but then again I'll miss my gold version to much and plus I got a gold Apple Watch and iPod so I'm just going to stick with the gold.
Epikentrothei H (2 years ago)
still cannot decide between rose gold and space grey!!!!!
Sebastian CA (2 years ago)
Rose gold and space gray are the best colors by far so depends of what do you like. If you like convencional design phones then go for space grey, but let me tell you is more dirty and im not lying. And if you like the top tendence phones then go for rose gold. Its a modern color phone, whit a premium aspect..
Amani Labiod (2 years ago)
ikr Both Of Them are Just Perfectly Perfect
Epikentrothei H (2 years ago)
absolutely not, it also depends on the angle the light hits the phone, really nice color 
King Ligon (2 years ago)
+Epikentrothei H is it too pink for a guy? or is it actually rose goldish lol
Epikentrothei H (2 years ago)
just got the rose gold, believe me, you will not regret!!
Wilson (2 years ago)
looks more like copper to me
tataryet (2 years ago)
Im a guy and i dont know if i should get rose gold...whether its too pinkish for a guy...please tell me what to dooo
TheFrecklish (2 years ago)
+RyanChannel05 A lot of guys have the rose gold, some even call it the bro's gold now.
Taylor Dietrich (2 years ago)
Getting my rose gold 128gb iPhone 6s on November 6th, can't wait!
Ibra Gök (2 years ago)
well done for 200k
Collins Mbaluto (2 years ago)
hey man, i'm from Nairobi, Kenya and i would really appreciate it if u hooked me up with this phone
Will Clulee (2 years ago)
I would say rose gold, it's not so dark that you could call it pink
Bis Biswas (2 years ago)
it's rose gold for me ^^
Ranger Nation (2 years ago)
Congratulations for 200k subscribers
ZE TUBE (2 years ago)
Thanks for the update! Please subscribe I'm trying to pay for my kids college!
mustafa VIT (2 years ago)
GadgetsBoy (2 years ago)
extra thumbs up
Maryam hassan (2 years ago)
Lol saf dnt u have a life beside youtube videos culnt u atleast wait even a day i mean to say ur nt even popular
Usher Vaynshtain (2 years ago)
Looks beautiful i thought it would look more pinkish but it looks good Rose Gold is my Color of choice for the iPhone 6s Plus ;D
Adrian Ramos (2 years ago)
iPhone 6s 32 gb or iPhone 6s Plus 16gb?
Maria Victoria (1 year ago)
Sebastian CA there's a 32 GB option now.
Sebastian CA (2 years ago)
There is not a 32GB option man, it just 16, 64 and 128.
Rose xx (2 years ago)
And it's not worth the 16gb
Mohammed S. Al-Tamimi (2 years ago)
Yeah the rose gold antenna bands would be sick....
Mohamed Ali Mabrouki (2 years ago)
it's rose gold
Rosie Tomlin (2 years ago)
I got this today in the mail and I love it the rose gold colour is stunning ✨💖
Sarah Persaud (2 years ago)
I agree the white band should match the color of the phone lol would've looked nicer with a rose gold band
Vincent Choi (2 years ago)
I hope I win the 6 plus, I am broke !
TheShishaDoctor (2 years ago)
Finally 200k :D
Abigail Mensah (2 years ago)
dude the rose gold looks so freaking beautiful
Dr.Nimish Lakhani (2 years ago)
Yeah this is rose gold actually
Like Totally 80's (2 years ago)
The phone is PINK! space Grey FTW!
1111italia1111 (2 years ago)
thanks a lot bro ! u help a ton of consumers with ur videos ! can't wait to see vs S6 edge plus ! and dont forget the battery life :) since its smaller than the 6 is it still the same or not will love to be better but i think not !
Haider (2 years ago)
why are there labels on the back? I thought the new iPhones would come without them...
Autry (2 years ago)
Get what you like and stop worrying about what other people think!
Jacob Zu (2 years ago)
Jacob Zu (2 years ago)
Tim Schofield (2 years ago)
200,000!!! So awesome man, congrats. Also... Nice touch on the pink underglow from the desk. Good vid
iPocky JP (1 year ago)
hey man. why my iphoe 6s has fcc logo? :/ its look ugly. does it mean my iphone 6s is fake.
AJMakesVids (2 years ago)
+SuperSaf TV what should I get a iPhone 6s 16GB or a iPhone 6 64 or 128GB
SuperSaf TV (2 years ago)
Thanks Tim, means a lot! And glad someone noticed the underglow lol
callmemarc (2 years ago)
Those white bands make it look like trash
Kg Ngo (2 years ago)
You got my Subscribe and Liked now,Thank you for the unboxing video Supersaf,There are many video but i have been waiting for your,Can you please do compares between 6s and 6s Plus so i can decide which to get,About the color,do you think it's ok for guys?Many thanks.
hassan nassar (2 years ago)
Happy 200k saf

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