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Interviewing the Head of YouTube Business

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thank you Robert and YouTube for making this happen. I hope this is the first of many.
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grimduck LRA (7 minutes ago)
i think it would be interesting to actually get creators and advertisers to collaborate, discuss or whatever once in awhile, some sort of way for both parties to have a certain sense of understanding of one another. to you know, like keep it a consistent thing.
Anna B (10 minutes ago)
2 sec ago you had 8 millions and now 9 millions :D congrats!
She's Mad She's Magic (4 hours ago)
Casey, I know you have made films previously and said you wanted to concentrate on youTube, but do you think one day you might make another movie? I reckon you could make such an amazing feature... something with a deep meaning but thats thrilling, entertaining & innovative. Something that makes people think and sticks with them. I would watch it 1000%.
Dale Shelton (12 hours ago)
Great interview Casey.
Crzy Steve (12 hours ago)
I am not a Logan supporter, or even subscriber. I think we are having the wrong conversation. This is about the platform. What that moron did, accidentally in his pursuit of views, is start a conversation. Mental Illness is real, suicide is real. We should put our effort behind figuring that out instead of worrying about the platform.
Marcus Penny (14 hours ago)
He never said if youtube would pay youtubers for monetized content they are demonitizing IE their videos are monitored you tube ran commercials but they didn't hit the $100 threshold before they cut off monitization.
thirdstreetmusic (15 hours ago)
great job interviewing, Casey. Thanks for posting this.
Derpy Cyber (16 hours ago)
What an uninformative interview this was. Fucking waste of time
iCjay (17 hours ago)
OK WAIT WAIT WAIT!!! It's not about Youtube, it's about "YOU" tube, hence the name Youtube.. For youtube to say what they want, they have destroyed the platform. Let's say goodbye to Youtube. I personally don't need Googles money. The change will be for me "No Comments", No Thumbs", No "youtube page". I will just embed videos in my own page and monetize with a third party like AMAZON and a few others. What I have learned about the internet is to never have your eggs all in one basket. And last but not least the sweet hypocrisy of Youtube crying freedom of speech.
Jesslyn (17 hours ago)
That's awesome, thanks him and then spikes his book into the desk... :)
OdinMMA (17 hours ago)
Casey out here softballing the people that pay his wages, not a surprise. These corporate shills will never truly question the corporation. Essentially, what is the difference between the "iron curtain" and a corporation which is, for the most part, totally unapproachable and dictates its output on the whims of idiotic advertisers?
Bond James VII (17 hours ago)
free speech he said.. lying fucking idiot.
blunt005 (18 hours ago)
pure bullshit
Jakob Schuetz (19 hours ago)
Is this criminal .i have all together more than 20 mill klicks .and never get a dime for this .and you make the money.what is this😎
Celine Senden (20 hours ago)
Amazing video
Taylor Staff (21 hours ago)
People misused dislike buttons
Luffy SkyWalker (1 day ago)
It seems like they're friends so Casey didn't wanna ask tough questions nothing was gained from this to me. How do you have freedom of speech when you don't get monetized. Doesn't make sense
Joel Howley (1 day ago)
🤔 Listening to this bloke say that it's hard for him to communicate with creators when all he has to do is upload a video to YouTube.
MELODIES TV (1 day ago)
It has been over 4 months and channels are still yet to be reviewed and approved for monetization. Can anyone state when monetization of channels is returning?
Blacktommer35 (1 day ago)
We didn't want to make a rash decision demonetising Logan Paul's video, because a lot of livelihoods depend on that. Lucky are all the other creators who have their video's demonetised without even a single human looking at 1 sec of their videos.
Student's Budget (1 day ago)
well now, im going to get demonitized
Shay Finch (1 day ago)
amazing video. I love that he stated, "we are here for the creators, if they don't get paid, we don't get paid. we just want to do what is right." powerful
Donn DIY (1 day ago)
Now I know what the next book is gonna be that I'm wanna read. Thanks for this interview!
If they valued free speech so much why do they ban right wing channels?
Bettie Turner (1 day ago)
yeah more female creators... the only people you talk to, youtube, is Casey and Felix
MrDragonfyr (1 day ago)
Brilliant video. Thanks YouTube and Casey. Being brought up with tech and media, like Casey, I love to watch content from around the world. Different societies, ways of life, scenery, cities etc, and one day, i'd love to share my life with the world. I feel the terms YouTube set are understanding, logical and most of all, fair. Sure some people will disagree, but that's why we're all here. Keep up the great vid's Casey :)
Fred Zeppelin (1 day ago)
You can really tell that this guy doesn't give a fuck about what he's talking about, it's almost as if he's sarcastic in everything he says.
Gordon TheMan (1 day ago)
Would like to see pewdiepie as the interviewer. To get some different and more specific questions
junekowsky onez (1 day ago)
If there isn’t any favoritism in YouTube, HERE YOU GO, lol. Casey can act as if he’s helping the community but I mean we know that’s bullshit when he’s done it before for a little over 2 mil right. This is baiting journalism at its best. It’s what lawyers do. “you help me, I’ll sway in a way that will help you and it’ll end great for the both of us”. Casey shits the bed, gets jumped out of his own company and now he’s concerned for the small content creators of YouTube... Geeez! cold as ice.
Jon Skjeseth (1 day ago)
"freedom of speech"?!? oh, so thats why you demonetize news and political shows, YouTube...i dont think you know what that word means.... "freedom of opportunity"?!? for who? those oblige to your silly rules to create content thats "family friendly"? youtube need some shake-up in their leadership....CLEARLY!!!!
Loved this +CaseyNeistat. I've been thinking and thinking about how to make a proper channel instead of the lame vid's I posted years ago. This just makes me want to get in, do it and be the best I can. All the best.
MinecraftJeffy (1 day ago)
more titty streamers? is yt going to merge with youporn?
Hank X (1 day ago)
he literally says nothing.
Bts Trash (1 day ago)
Nal (1 day ago)
I don't get how Google can be so hypocritical. What's the deal with pushing female content creators while simultaneously pretending to have a stance against sexism?
Skeytch Parker (1 day ago)
Freedom of spech???????? hahhahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahhahhahahahahahahhahahahha omg this guy halerious, lol
Milton2k (1 day ago)
Casey's channel was the perfect channel to do this. Although there are bigger channels I think his type of channel is the most appropriate one. Pewds channel with all the controversies and its often lightheartedness is out I guess. Mark's and Jack's are gaming channels mostly. H3H3 and Boogies are a bit little. I wonder why they did not go with Phil. Maybe he would be too incisive. I really hope they redo this with Phil though.
Milton2k (1 day ago)
Quite a great video. Robert seems quite honest. I am sure they are aiming for that but I dig it nonetheless.
Wanderer628 (1 day ago)
More female creators? What is he smoking? Half the big channels on YouTube are run by women, What inequality here is there to fix?
gjaddajg (1 day ago)
"we would like more and more female creators" Why?
LIGER ZERO (1 day ago)
Great, now they are pretending that woman have a history of YouTube oppression too. ''We want to see more female creators''. *Facepalm Women are 49% of Content creators (2015 statista)
gjaddajg (1 day ago)
Women and blacks are _NOT_ discriminated against on YouTube, so why promote them over white men? Why give them an unfair advantage and discriminate against white men? Equality is the goal - not equity.
gjaddajg (1 day ago)
1) Freedom of opportunity: but not freedom of _equal_ opportunity, because they're promoting women and black people, giving them an unfair advantage - fuck cis white men, am I right? 2) Freedom of speech: as long as you're a left-wing feminist ideologue or you'll get demonetized or banned 3) Freedom of information: as long as you're a left-wing feminist ideologue or your videos will be age restricted, not show up in search results or recommended or even just be hidden/removed
gjaddajg (1 day ago)
YouTube hates white men (because it's a feminist organization) so now they're going to promote women and people of color, giving them an unfair advantage.
Elena HG (1 day ago)
Thank You Casey and Paul for sharing this chat with the entire YouTube community! Casey you did a great job representing and voicing the concerns of the creators! Being a female creator who has educational content on sustainability, mindfulness and green cosmetics what do I need to do to get that much needed extra push Robert mentions on this interview? Thanks!
Lineage2MediaCom (1 day ago)
disgusting propaganda
Dileepbc Dil (1 day ago)
He is nervous
Nick M. (1 day ago)
"We need more female creators". Who cares? Stop pushing this diversity shit! There are way more makeup channels and unfunny female "comedians" like Lele Pons around, then needed. The reason male-driven channels are more popular is because they are more interesting, not because the world hates women on purpose. Stop with the forced quotas. Let them earn it by merit if you are all for equality.
Lilith Nova (1 day ago)
I am a small youtuber and I am so glad I just watched this. I just subscribed too you. I am also going too share this in my small youtuber groups so that they understand why all of this is happening. Good video thank you for making it.
SoyuzNiik (1 day ago)
At least Czechoslovakian government did not let you suffer for cursing out loud like YouTube does. His words of "we support freedom of speech" is complete dog shit.
Thibault Dumas (1 day ago)
I think it's a very good thing to do. This interview is a good one. The questions and answers kinda look soft to me but it's only the beginning. I hope this action will push YouTube to communicate more directly with the creators. This video could have been huge. It was hype so of course it's disappointing. But it's still a big first step and it was necessary to make the platform better
Chicksue (1 day ago)
Pure and utter BULLSHIT. Fuck you nazi, communist, dicatorship of a platform named youtube. Most of us aren't buying what you're selling.
John Doe (1 day ago)
Fuck this guy
(1 day ago)
How to be self entitled 1: Start a YouTube channel 2: Start making money from the YouTube channel 3: Claim that you do it as your hobby, not for the money 4: Complain non stop when YouTube doesn't pay you for one week
OnlyKronix (1 day ago)
The dude should try an interview with Philly D
GameDoctor21 (1 day ago)
Freedom of speech? Ha ya sure
Errmah Gerd (1 day ago)
Lying fuckin scum. These youtube cunts favor others more than others. Go get hit by a car
cheezy Gamer (1 day ago)
Lol casey looks Like witcher😂😂
Rafael Almeida (1 day ago)
I think matpat or Philip de Franco would be a better interviewer. I like Casey but he is not the best for this, and also, the YouTube guy didn't said much.
I really think Youtube should have a BTS team like daily vlogs, it can really help bridge the communication gap between them and the creators
Harshal Mevada (1 day ago)
I don't think youtube care for creators. they are just saving their image nothing else
Levi Edinger (1 day ago)
Shazam 10913 (1 day ago)
What a staged interview, full of bullshit left BS, empty word no action
Kiki Says (1 day ago)
In the latter half of 2017 - YT offered a Women in Comedy scholarship. There were 80 women around the world selected. If YT valued female voices, why was this amazing content not featured and celebrated widely?
JAJAJAJAvi (1 day ago)
Whats the deal with all these people blaning youtube for not gettinng views/subs? Thebig names on youtube are successful because they upload interesting content. If you dont have views or subs it may be because your content is not very original/interesting. Not everyone is entitled to youtube fame.
Picture (2 days ago)
People should support sites like dailymotion and help them compete with youtube, youtube basically has no competition at the moment thats why they couldn't careless to abandon small creators from earning a buck or two, i found dailymotion because i was frustrated with YouTube's new rules and regulation. PS reaction channels stay away you are not Content Creators.
Lifeplasty (2 days ago)
I personally feel this Logan Paul should have been banned from Youtube and demonetised. That should have been an immediate and final response to his outrageous video. It would have served as a deterrent for such sensationalist grotesque and  inhumane content. People on his payroll should have censored the content so they all deserve to be out of a job.
Christy Sanford (2 days ago)
Maybe to make up and allow a woman to be "creative," Robert, you can offer Emma Gonzalez free tech support to make a significant youtube video. Why was a lie about the Parkland School students allowed to be viewed over 200,000 times? That's like watching a public stoning in a street. There is no "contact" person at youtube. I guess youtube is too busy to be responsible.
Relive Time LLC (2 days ago)
Always good to see leadership come down and talk to the people in their setting... very cool
Randy Baker (2 days ago)
Look at all that Booze, Casey's been hitting it hard
Jonah Arbet (2 days ago)
Awesome interview. Thanks for sharing
ehlien (2 days ago)
Thanks for doing this Casey and Robert! This was a great conversation with some excellent insight into some ongoing issues.
Ichabod Crane (2 days ago)
weak shit, Casey.
EBIZA EXOTIC (2 days ago)
Julius Caesar (2 days ago)
We got a commie running yt... makes sense now
get rekt (2 days ago)
why there's no french subtitles ?
Allan Bz (2 days ago)
I want everybody to suck seed and I want everybody to have suck sex!😱🤣
Adrian D (2 days ago)
I lost my monetization and I am the last person to post spam and offensive videos. I produce hight quality videos and the fact that I am categorized together with channels that don't follow the rules makes me really mad at YouTube. So far, I got around 30 dollars a month and while that doesen't sound much, it still helped me to finance some of my video making equipment. Shame on you YouTube. Makes big and already rich channels richer and screws us small channels over. Will I at least get my 25 dollars that I earned so far this month and last half month? I am ready to subscribe to you people if you subscribe to me.That might sound childish but you gotta do what you gotta do to get those 1000 subs.
Sanne Melsen (2 days ago)
🤔 so... it seems the audio was taken from every mic that is on every different camera. I’m surprised he isn’t wired or a boom wasn’t used. Maybe there where technical problems, but it’s pretty distracting. Anyways. Love your videos and the quality of your videos (except the audio of this one ;) thank you for all your amazing videos!!! ✌️
Awesome Andre (2 days ago)
Ty 4 this... This will help me b mor efficient at what I do. Keep the great content coming!
Tristan DaVoulas (2 days ago)
I feel like this guy completely dodged most of Casey's questions. Get more creators in the bureaucracy of YT.
Kevin Mathuews (2 days ago)
Typical big wig BS..." We're lookiing into this" " We're lookiing into this" " We're lookiing into this" " We're lookiing into this" " We're lookiing into this" " We're lookiing into this" " We're lookiing into this" " We're lookiing into this" *** DOES NOTHING***
Queencity Limo (2 days ago)
I bet this video was monetized to its fullest extent
By Krystyna (2 days ago)
I say, let’s just make videos for fun :) everything else will come
Nick 0 (2 days ago)
The truth is YouTube doesn't have to pay anyone anything. If you are lucky enough to get their advertising money you should feel lucky. They are the ones that own the eco system. They have the platform and creators are pulling from their viewers. Simple as that. Consider yourself lucky if you are getting money for making videos. I feel creators are slightly ungrateful.
Johan Olsson (3 days ago)
What watch is casey wearing?
BLOX STARZ TV (3 days ago)
Ramu Kaka (3 days ago)
Honestly not to hate on casey neistat but this interview was really bad. There weren't any good question and those questions that were good the answers were stupid. He's a good youtuber i dont disagree with that but this video was just stupid it helped with nothing.
Ernesto Pantoja (3 days ago)
good interview Casey, but DAAAAMN the amount of packages you have in the back!!!!
HH Impact TV (3 days ago)
I'm happy trying to help inspire children and teenagers on my channel and fortunate enough to have a good loyal following from our local community in New York. But I don't see anything productive YouTube will do to help other smaller channels grow, especially channels that help educate and improve the lives of many, and their income depends on creating content. The incentives are given more to established creators they like to promote (especially those vloggers with sensationalized content like Ricegum, the Paul bros, Fousey) or prefer (like he said, "We want more females") instead of smaller creators who are struggling to get their channel more exposure.
paigegaree (3 days ago)
"My favorite content is where I am learning something new" - what about all of the hidden LGBT videos that you've been demonetizing? "I want more female creators" there are a TON of them out there that you are censoring. He is GREAT at telling us what we want to hear, but where is the action?
nadar hussaini (3 days ago)
Cheek my first vlog videoi
Haasl tools (3 days ago)
I sure hope I can get my channel up to the requirements. but I will agree that the new requirements will make small channels like mine turn it up a little, Instead of just filming stuff and uploading it I find my self doing more research and improvement. I have a long way to go, but little by little each day I learn something new and try to implement it into my channel. thank you!!!
Dilandau88 (3 days ago)
I have a friend who is a technical at YouTube. To all the creators bitching about losing their monetization, he informed me that 95% of them were making less than $4 a month. Boohoo. Stop bitching.
EMRIFFEY (3 days ago)
Thank you guys for sharing this. As a new creator, it has been tough to figure out YouTube as a whole. It can even be intimidating and difficult when it comes to creating relevant, but honest content. This was very insightful, as far as seeing what YouTube is all about and hearing what they stand for as a platform. This is so great! Thank you for sharing.
ROB TRAMONTE (3 days ago)
The fact that this dude has never made a YouTube video before was a red flag from the start
hasbeen farteen (1 day ago)
Alex Silverstein (3 days ago)
Still disappointed that Casey Neistat doesn't have nice tats
anna (3 days ago)
Elle mills is INCREDIBLE!! So glad you both did this. It needed to be done and now was the perfect time.
Old Sport (3 days ago)
Please hire Casey as Ceo on Youtube, i think he is perfect for that title! He would make sure the creators succeed in this kind of work!
this was interesting!

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