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Interviewing the Head of YouTube Business

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thank you Robert and YouTube for making this happen. I hope this is the first of many.

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Shapka (6 hours ago)
Someone like KaySee should get this guy's job. Period.
Ruben Flores (1 day ago)
Pussy ask real questions
Nasukha Soewardi (5 days ago)
I am view full guys Thank u information and please to my chanel ,wow ur chanel wow amazing
who8myfish (6 days ago)
1) You think creators should take a pay cut because of incompetence at a corporate level 2) You want more female creators ------- TRANSLATION ----- Hire a bunch of girls because we're lowering wages.
William Brown (6 days ago)
Content creators are replicable to YouTube.
THE - Y - FILES (7 days ago)
Robert Kyncl is the main reason this website is the disaster it is today , back in 2011 it was his bright idea as Google's VP of Content Partnerships to invest 500 million dollars to create PREMIUM CONTENT for YouTube which FAILED miserably,,,, To make up for his massive mistake GOOGLE then decided to allow ANYONE TO MONETIZE VIDEOS which eventually created the AD BOYCOTT and basically DESTROYED THOUSANDS OF ORIGINAL PARTNER CHANNELS in 2017 I wonder how Robert and Susan would feel if they walked into Youtube headquarters after 10 years of employment and found out their office doors were locked, and when they tried to get answers they were handed an envelope that explained because of some bad business decisions by other people in the company that their offices would now be located in the lobby. I would love to see their reactions when they recieve their PAYCHECKS and see a large ORANGE MONEY SIGN and a 90% PAY CUT ...... I bet ROBERT AND SUSAN would not want to continue working for a company that SUCKS as bad as the one they are running ?
Bigfoot Country (7 days ago)
TY Casey for uploading this video. I learned a lot from this video,
Jia Hui L. (9 days ago)
Yay veganism
Just George (11 days ago)
I like the idea of this interview and would love to see more like this too and more indepth
CrystalGaming Pro (13 days ago)
I watch YouTube a lot. 99% of my battery is drained by YouTube and the other 1% is used by my screen
UsEliteSki (13 days ago)
fuck youtube for deleting cannabis related channels. anyone in the community should be boycotting this awful service. Fuck you Robert!
zacky mahmoed (13 days ago)
Maybe something like Algebraix could be the solution to the ad issues on Youtube
CS Imaginarium (14 days ago)
Absolutely staggering.....the person responsible for overseeing creator policy at YT has never made a YT video!!!! The most critical question to be asked is why isn't YT using their own platform to communicate with creators and give them the best understanding of where things are at and are going? I mean they used Twitter(?!?!?!) to speak to the community after the Logan controversy! How upside down is that?! It's like the people in the pilot's seat of a business that revolves around cameras are afraid to get in front of a camera themselves. Amazing that people like Casey have to initiate the process to finally get someone in front of the camera instead of the leadership at YT being forward-thinking enough to do it themselves. Really sheds light on some of the groping around for direction by YT lately because they clearly don't understand the community and reach of their own platform. Sad.....basically like people running an airline that have never flown.
200016LIVE (14 days ago)
good luck!!love you!!<3 visit me friends!!SUBB4SUBB!!GOgoGO!!! :)
Sovanjan Banerjee (15 days ago)
I'm here just after watching Robert's interview with Tanmay On A.I.B, Tanmay mentioned that "From Casey to Tanmay", that's why. 🤣
Granny PottyMouth (17 days ago)
This was wonderful - thanks for taking the risk to reach out to them, and big ups to YT for accepting the challenge and showing up and turning up. You give me hope for the platform.
voopie lugem (20 days ago)
voopie lugem (20 days ago)
get on the cross
voopie lugem (20 days ago)
Get on the cross
voopie lugem (21 days ago)
Risko Tiitso (21 days ago)
Thumbs up for the initiative!
nikeeweston (21 days ago)
Oh fuck off. Arse licker. YouTube are destroying good channels, and letting Logan Paul stay. Demonetising LGTBQ videos that have those tags in them. He can go fuck himself. FUCKING ASK HIM WHY THE VIDEO WASNT IMMEDIATELY TAKEN DOWN?????? Amazing how some videos are removed within 15minutes yet that video was on the home page. YOU ARE A SCUM BAG SIR. Casey you went soft it was pathetic.
Daniel Corral (23 days ago)
He likes news content but they demonetize shows like the Philip Defranco Show. This is removing all incentive to make such content he likes.
Elie Track (25 days ago)
Casey, I really enjoyed this video. I appreciate you highlighting other creators and I appreciate you reaching out to YouTube to have them in your studio to talk through their approach and how they see things through their vantage point. You’re a great role model and a source of inspiration. Thank you for all that you do and for sharing it with us.
Modern Creator (25 days ago)
that's awesome
TechHonor (26 days ago)
Go watch interview with tanmay bhat on aib doosra better than this
Vojtech Flidr (27 days ago)
Wow I am so suprised that Robert is from my country. Without you Casey I will probably never hear about him which is pretty ironical :D. Thank you for inviting this such a inspirational person.
DEB GYAN (28 days ago)
How to get his post ? I want his job? 😹
So this is the guy not doing his job.
polymerizedrecords (1 month ago)
Empty answers. Just politically correct babbling. This interview contributed with NOTHING for creators. It's not your fault, Casey. You really did try. It's this exec posture that won't get anything done.
The End of Madness (1 month ago)
Logan Paul has been fully remonetized since then. Where's the logic.
FrenzyPinguin (1 month ago)
If you compare the testimony of the CEO of Facebook with this open conversation, it's clear Youtube is much more transparent and honest about their approach (they didn't have Cambridge Analytica obtaining their data unlawfully ofcourse).
Exile 1 (1 month ago)
The fact he's never uploaded to the platform says it all.
Tandem Adventurers (1 month ago)
Great stuff here.
زوزه zoza_ (1 month ago)
*الي من نور ستارز لايييييك 😍😍😍*
Josh Morgan (1 month ago)
Now the Logan Paul ripple effect has taken place they are demonetizing everybody. By-by Youtubers
Dank Frank (1 month ago)
Interviewing the most important desicion-maker of YouTube > 3M Talking about why you‘re wearing sunglasses alot > 11M
Nick Gilbert (1 month ago)
Hell yeah, GO VEGAN!!
alanlaero (1 month ago)
That was just a stroke job
alanlaero (1 month ago)
What was said didn't amount to much... Why don't they just Match advertisers to particular youtuber styles and content ?
Laura Moscrop (1 month ago)
The thing Robert said about wanting more and more women creators has made me start youtube!
John McIlroy (1 month ago)
Great interview!
Jay Noggle (1 month ago)
I have to say that this was extremely informative and I appreciate the fact that it even happened. That said, Casey I've only seen about 5 of your videos, I'm not subscribed to your channel and the only reason I ended up here is because a few weeks ago I watched a video of yours on the DJI Spark... As a media person, I love the back story that you pulled out of the interview at the end of the video!
Hi Casey! I just wanted to ask, because Ik you have contacts in google, if you know by any chance why if I'm using my YouTube Red subscription account elsewhere, YouTube is programmed to prevent playback of any type instead of creating ad revenue by simply allowing the playback but showing a message on top of an ad, saying that the reason the ad is playing on the YouTube Red account is because the account is being used elsewhere. (Or something like that)
John Hammond (1 month ago)
"No. It's my first one." Next video. Show me a butcher who hasn't tried his own steak.
Tammy Mellert (1 month ago)
Female creators.....we are here....it’s the support for us that’s we are lacking to some degree! Hopefully that improves as we improve and grow.
Kofi Annan (1 month ago)
Darryl Flinch (1 month ago)
How about YOUTUBE have it's OWN YOUTUBE Channel to make a quick response to what's going on.
Thanks Casey! You're fucken awesome 🤙🤙
amanda skadsem (1 month ago)
So I’m a quarter of the way to 1000 subscribers. I’ll call my bank and warn them about the wave of cash I’m about to make 😂😂
diego guzman (1 month ago)
Dope. Very cool.
Harambe Jr (1 month ago)
Meanwhile there’s a shooting at YouTube hq
MOOSEDOWNUNDER (1 month ago)
Dancing around the core issues and Casey, grow a pair of nuts and ask the real hard questions. Why are YT so bloody left wing? and stopping Alpha Awesomeness.
ChrisC1 (1 month ago)
VERY VERY soft interview., wanna play a game of Softball anyone ?
Agent J (1 month ago)
YouTube allows animal porn on this platform how come? Is it something French. Seems more bull shit to me
Burhan Rauf (1 month ago)
Hold up... So this is why pew news started?? Because the CBO likes news content??
Crazy Med1c (1 month ago)
Youtube was founded on the Principals Of Free Speech , and the 1st Amendment. Respecting an establishment and freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble. YouTube is Banning Gun related Content; I come to this platform to consume this content. YouTube should be ashamed. YouTube is now a Hypocritical Organization that only promotes Content YouTube feels the world should View.I support America , All of America , All Genders , All Races , All religions , All Points of View Even if that View Is different From My own . We the People need to Be united as one People of Many Cultures and Beliefs , I respect an Individual’s Right to Choose their Beliefs, YouTube Apparently does not Share this same belief. And Is Attacking, Banning Lawful second Amendment Content.
PacificAirwave144 (1 month ago)
A corporate idiot doing a poor job of representing the company or the clients/customers. Maybe he's thinking it'd buy him enough time to jump ship? The fact is YouTube has decided to go away from being just a media-hosting site to being a net-nanny. What a monumental blunder!!
亮一リンゴ (1 month ago)
Talking to Mr.Robert is like talking to a robot XD
Ryan Steadman (1 month ago)
Well done Casey
Abdul Muqri (1 month ago)
That's Nice!
Abdul Muqri (1 month ago)
That's Nice!
Little PAW 1969 (1 month ago)
Good interview. It is sad that he contradicts himself, at least be man enough to tell people the truth. YouTube is doing the opposite of what he claims to want for the creators. Hypocrite.
SuperCarIsland (1 month ago)
Great questions Casey, thank you for asking the questions regarding the smaller channels, we appreciate it :-D
Laura Lzo (1 month ago)
That was the most mature approach I've seen so far to this matter aka Logan Paul drama .Good Job Casey!
Finn Jørgensen (1 month ago)
No matter how and what I feel about all this, thank you so much. I started watching your vlog D. 1st March and now missing 8 Vlog`s, then I've seen them all.
tristan l (1 month ago)
Finn Jørgensen (1 month ago)
I do not have tv if i'm out somewhere, family or friends and we are watching tv then i raise up and go away when there are advertisements. I have netflix on my computer and watch movies there, no advertisements
Finn Jørgensen (1 month ago)
You no longer have free of speech, you are all dictated by the advertising industry because, if you do not do what the advertising industry want, the advertising industry will pull out and you will have no income. As long as you are dictated by money, you will never have freedom of speech and your creativity will never really be your own
BERSERK - WOLFGANG (1 month ago)
This guys a lieing piece of shit. He says theres freedom of speech but then youtube go's an try's silencing all the gun/firearm channels. Dont believe anything these nazis have to say.
chameleon (1 month ago)
thank both of you for this video and putting a lot of effort into this interview! Thank you both.
SmokeRingsPipeDreams (1 month ago)
Drea Fox (1 month ago)
omg he mentioned elle!!!!!!!!!!!
ScreamingSkullSaloon (1 month ago)
Those from Youtube are you all reading the comment section? I hope so. I find it hard to believe that this vid honestly has 172K Likes and only 11K Dislikes. Something is very fishy. The People want to be heard. Let them speak. We are adults and are perfectly capable of choosing what kind of content we want to watch without Big Brother deciding that for us. Please stop shutting down channels and demonetizing. If you continue doing so then Youtube is doomed.
Chris Brewer (2 months ago)
God damn, this guy is a total cock sucker. It seems that the "livelihood" of the investors involved with the YouTube video is more important than the actual content of the video, in terms of flagging. Jake Paul can film dead bodies and get away with it for weeks. Yet so many smaller YouTube videos get demonitixrd over the most petty things. YouTube does not believe in free speech. Makes me not want to use this platform. We need competition!
I&M productions (2 months ago)
Why did YouTube stop funding gun channels
0Imtheslime0 (9 days ago)
i think that was a result for all the mass shootings that was/is going on.
I've noticed the yellow badge has decreased on my videos recently. So I guess YouTube is doing something right. But still 3 years and more than 300videos and never been featured, rarely more than 5k veiws.
Harrison Wolf (2 months ago)
This man holds thousands of people’s careers in the palm of his hand. Makes me think how weird the world is.
Denis Sokol (2 months ago)
Robert would succeed in politic perfectly!
Ronald Jefferson (2 months ago)
Maybe something like Algebraix could be the solution to the ad issues on Youtube.
Craig Porcaro (1 month ago)
Any links to this?
James Hanson (1 month ago)
I've actually been looking into this lately with the data breach from Facebook.
Stunts5 , (1 month ago)
Can you elaborate more on how algebraic equations can fix advertisement issues on YouTube
Carolin von Petzholdt (2 months ago)
Dear Robert, can you switch on my ads again? And expedite the review process? I have 1k and over 4000h watch hours! My ads has been off now since Feb 20th!
Readul Khan (2 months ago)
YouTube customer service is sucks. I have found thousand of channels already full fill the criteria but haven't got monetize yet.
Discord (2 months ago)
It really looks like Casey Neistat made NO attempt to understand the real issues. He could have, at the very least, exposed YouTube for the censorship-loving hypocrites they are...and maybe....just maybe initiated some kind of positive change.
Richard Wraith (2 months ago)
Argh, I make RC Model flying vids and educational content, including flight sims and I got hit too! Now I'm having to rebuild my entire content from 2010 and play catchup! Any help from our fellow creators would SOOO much be appreciated as I'm stuck at 21 subs after 3 months of re-editing and re-uploading 3 vids a week... (Without any cash) Yet this guy not only has an immense salary, but gets to plug his book too! Seriously?
Lubna Oulad (2 months ago)
Nice to see who is behind YouTube 👌🏼 you really had good questions, very interesting to get a sneak peak behind the scene 👍🏻 thank you Casey ✨
Tolexian (2 months ago)
In the near future, YouTube is going bankrupt
Siney alexandra Lira (2 months ago)
I feel as tho he did not directly answer your questions !
Sean Goold (2 months ago)
Thanks for shedding some light Casey!
Kristina Udartseva (2 months ago)
Dear Casey, Have been trying to reach you with around 10 emails, would appreciate your response. Guysss, please support it to become the top <3 sincerely, from Kazakhstan
Jordan Hall (2 months ago)
Seems you have this power you should do this same thing with Instagram!! Talk about the algorithm and how it’s limiting us as creators reach not just in our work but opportunities!!
mouhamed (2 months ago)
it was ads book of Robert ?
Surgo Neroko (2 months ago)
319 years of youtube
STOOPID GAMING (2 months ago)
Gake and Fay
Tobias Dettinger (2 months ago)
Wow good job! You said the statement clearly.
Brian Robinson (2 months ago)
Man casey I love your videos but the VLOG s don’t have that magic it use to have like when you run and the timlapses of NYC with the music in the background I would really like that magic to come back
Samantha (2 months ago)
Casey this was an awesome idea
Lokesh Divekar (2 months ago)
this famous guy interviewing chosen one from youtube after other famous guy on youtube fucked up so this famous guy from youtube want save his ass
ElenaPlums (2 months ago)
Hey I’m a female creator 👋🏼
Isabel Neves (2 months ago)
He is my father. Never.
Isabel Neves (2 months ago)
I wish all the happyness to you, my friend. Thank you so much for your support. This gesture don't have dimension.

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