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OnePlus 5T long term review: 5 Months Later

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Text Comments (438)
sudip daw (2 days ago)
Only missing thing is protrait mode on selfie camera
Henry Protsent (3 days ago)
Watching this on my 5 t!!
Lukáš Kos (5 days ago)
Only thing which drives me crazy is the fact they went for the glass back on 6. Only reason for me getting the 5T is the metal body. I mean how the hell can be this phone sold for the same price in retail shops as 6 in OnePlus eshop. I mean... what the hell. I very sceptical when it comes to glass back and only think that holds me back from getting OnePlus 6 is the glass back and also lack of the microSD slot. Its very difficult. I am choosing between going for cheaper Nokia 7 plua or paying more for OnePlus 6.
W. Troy Thompson (6 days ago)
@oneplus is a dishonest company. DO NOT waste your money on their phones. their customer service is trash. Their complaint and comment site wouldn’t let me post a review. They quoted me one price to repair my phone and then doubled it once they got the phone.
Tomy Boy (9 days ago)
U CAN'T REMOVE THE NOTCH! hiding is not the same! NOTCH IS REMOVED FROM 5T! 6 HAS IT! got it?
St George (12 days ago)
I had a Lenovo P2 for about 2 years now. It cost 200 quid at the time and it's still perfectly fine no performance issues at all, the screen is huge I've never put a protector on it and it's still not smashed or cracked, I dropped it loads, compared to every iPhone I ever owned before! Its amazing. I'm a decorator too so my phone gets covered in dust every day. I'll never buy apple or Samsung ever again Ill only ever look for flagship killers now
matt 2016 (13 days ago)
Watching this on ONEPLUS 6
Ralph Aldwin (14 days ago)
Im planning to buy this but when ive read the 5t forums, most of them complains paint chipping 😭😭
Harps (14 days ago)
Hi. I have just bought this from ebay for £300 second hand in mint condition. I feel some reviewers are way too critical. Not everyone wants to be tied into a contract. I am selling my iphone6s plus for £235 so I upgraded for £65. I heard nothing but good things about this phone is why i am switching over. You have to be realistic how often do you go out at night and take pictures? Considering this company have come out of now where they have done amazing. Every user has stated this is a fantastic phone. So maybe you should use other devices for your needs this is a phone after all.
Still awosome phone.... Love u my 5T... Thank u one plus
-___- (15 days ago)
How did you do that auto app changer??!!
XxshonenxX (19 days ago)
Why can't Carl pei make a 5.15" one plus with ceramic back? Handlets are people too.
Mario Camilleri (19 days ago)
I have the same ebonywood case !
Robert Schneider (20 days ago)
Since when is 5 months "long term". Holy crap, this world is moving fast, isn't it?
Najim Abdul Sathar (23 days ago)
What music player are you using ?
Red Manifest (23 days ago)
Still watching this on my Oneplus One. Best phone I've ever owned, its held up for 4 years.
Relyser 07 (24 days ago)
i dont have the hidden space and the toolbox.. Which oxygen version do you have ?
Shafiq ITOO (25 days ago)
On my 5T
Tera Baap (25 days ago)
0:47 pussy spotted
Sijmen van Essen (25 days ago)
My one plus 2 works well after more than 3 years. Want to upgrade soon, maby the one plus 6T of 7
Light Yagami (25 days ago)
Oneplus 5t is my dream phone 😍
Tomy Boy (9 days ago)
Light Yagami yeah mine too. op6 is faster....but uglier....etc...glass back...shhh...t
Ibrahim Mohsin (26 days ago)
Dude my 2yr old oneplus 3 is still not slow.
Muhammad Azhar (26 days ago)
using 1+5 make instagram story video quality good or not ?
C90HTXTM (26 days ago)
You can buy the OnePlus 5t in the website
Harsh Mishra (27 days ago)
Will one plus 5t get an android p upgrade??
Tomy Boy (9 days ago)
Harsh Mishra i hope
Akash Guha (28 days ago)
people who bought 5T wait don't by 6 wait for 6T
Mario Guzman (28 days ago)
Still watching this on my OnePlus 5. Smooth as always and battery better than ever running 8.1
Brandon (29 days ago)
The secondary camera was designed just for portrait mode
Imran Mazlan (29 days ago)
should i upgrade to oneplus 6? Im using Honor 5A lol Please help me :)
Faddli Syamsul (29 days ago)
I prefer alluminium phone over glass phone
venkatesh kumbha (29 days ago)
Hi I using OnePlus 5t mobile from Jan on wards. I observed some problem with chrome and camera Spicaly in camera when we r taking photos Faces getting over saturation
Gibran Mir (29 days ago)
Don't know whether to like this video for it content or for the brilliantly useful advertising sponsor...!
markski89 (30 days ago)
After I saw the release of the OP 6, I wasn't even upset that I have my OP 5T Lava Red still. Ok...glass back that every reviewer wanted, but then plugs "dbrand" to cover up the fingerprints. Ok, I'd rather have durable metal than glass in that case, especially if there is no wireless charging and everyone is going to complain about fingerprints anyways. And the two "matte" colors...well, cool, but why is it glass that doesn't look like glass. Who cares. And who needs wireless charging anyways with Dash? Makes sense why they didn't add it. Camera? Every review will say the iphone X, pixel 2 and s9+ is the "best in class" so who cares. Why did they go from a circle fingerprint scanner to the oval looking one? Reminds me of the horror days of my galaxy s7 edge failing probably 40% of the time. I know its probably just as good as the old one, but wouldn't the circle fingerprint scanner look more aesthetic to the circle shape of the dual camera above? That's an oversight of the design, I don't understand. OP 6 had a good implementation of the notch, and that's literally about it. Zero incentive to switch from the 5T to 6.
Etian Krizman (30 days ago)
Yea right, what about the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime then?
Kelly Kelly (30 days ago)
I like nordvpn ad included on 5T I am on a free trial right now seems good.
Alejandro (30 days ago)
5T right here!
Steve Buechler (30 days ago)
OnePlus 5T is an awesome deal: https://swappa.com/listing/ZDK323/view
Steven Goossens (1 month ago)
i can buy a used op5t wich is one month old for 350 euros, should i buy that phone or pay 170 euros more for the op6?
Wasswa Samuel (1 month ago)
Hope they keep sending the updates for the 5t. The camera is a joke. Apart from that, I don't think 5T to 6 is a significant upgrade.
adtc (1 month ago)
Were you the guy who pulled off the screen protector thinking it's just packaging? Yeah, thought so...
Hina Ch4n (1 month ago)
xxxtentacion - look at me. 1:45 damn thats one thing i didnt expect.
Darkmaro (1 month ago)
well, in Sweden you can still buy it from their website, pretty sure it is offered in other countries too, maybe not in usa
Camper (1 month ago)
Wait so they don't sell the OnePlus 5T anymore?! If i were to drop my 5T could i get it repaired?
Little King Gaming (1 month ago)
What a dumb conclusion. I can't recommend this phone because the oneplus 6 is out now.
U turner (1 month ago)
Super same wooden case
Lee Solee (1 month ago)
Watching this on 5T. Saying that 5T's face unlock in a totally dark condition is challenging, I beg to disagree because on my experience I tried it in a totally dark condition and it is even fuckin faster than my iphone x. Just be true to your feedback.
lotfi debbak (1 month ago)
watching this on my vg248qe in case you are wondering
highlander (1 month ago)
Camera is bigest disappointing on my 5T. Ooh, and file manager is also awful.
Kerl Kierl (24 days ago)
What is the problem with the camera?
Cold Fury (1 month ago)
Fuc u , how is it time to move on if u already own the phone , mifo I'll use 5t for 3-4 years easily , op6 offers nothing overly new and the notch is hideous most people will end up hiding it anyway
Todd Bryant (1 month ago)
Bluetooth is broken on Oreo. When the phone locks, bluetooth crashes on unlock. When bluetooth is disabled, it still connects to speakers and cars. Only way to mitigate the issue is to stay on Nuget. Support is horrible.
Gaby Aaraj (1 month ago)
Do all the software features u mentioned im the video still are available on the op6?
Shrikrishna Holla (1 month ago)
Hahaha! I knew they'd do this, so bought one last month 😁
Grant Cooper (1 month ago)
I perfer the look of the 5t over the 6 as it doesnt have the notch, going to hopefully get one of these on the cheap now the 6 is out, still a great phone
Zheng wei Lee (1 month ago)
Can it cast screen and watch Netflix HD and stop random stop working apps
Rifqi Al Fariz (1 month ago)
Watching this on my Oneplus One. Yeah, I know.
Atul Lall (1 month ago)
Never buy a OnePlus phone. They're garbage. The quality control is awful and the customer service is even worse! I bought a new OP 5T and roughly 20 days after I received it, the entire display assembly separated from the phone's frame/body. Oneplus customer service was awful and did nothing for me. A new phone should never have such an issue. It was never dropped or anything. I also found several forums where many other people had the same issue dating all the way back to the OnePlus 1. To make things worse, the OnePlus website was hacked and they didn't realize the breach for 3 months! My credit card info was stolen from when I purchased my phone and I had several fraudulent charges on my credit card. OnePlus is horrible company and does not deserve your business or hard earned money. Buy their products at your own risk!
Alp Şehiç (1 month ago)
You can still buy OnePlus 5T in hepsiburada.com, the largest Turkish e-commerce portal, they still have it and even 3T.
Ken Matharoo (1 month ago)
Should've put PornHub in the hidden space for the lolz
Ardelius :0 (1 month ago)
Ive dropped My 5t pretty badly many times and has not cracked but im scared about the 6 glass on the back will crack
Javier Duran (1 month ago)
I still like my OnePlus 5
Hunter Tran (1 month ago)
Hey I mean if you bought the phone before op6 it's still a great phone!
The Blood Rogue (1 month ago)
I would have to disagree with the consensus of this video. I have been using the 5T since launch and I have literally had no problems with the phone-- if anyone is in the market for one, once the price drops due to the 6 release, I would whole-heartedly recommend this phone
Oneplus 5T: I don't feel so good. Oneplus 5T: I don't wanna go Mr Pei
Lior Braun (1 month ago)
I have one and it great. yes not perfect but still good and here in isreal the best bang for your buck .
Malkyvich (1 month ago)
Im getting notifications when my data and wifi are off on Oneplus 5T any ideas? Its not wifi related as I tried with SIM out and it doesnt happen.Facebook etc all come through when data is turned off.
Carl Orell (1 month ago)
You know is not their favorite phone or the phone they use when you see the sim card slot icon in the notification bar.
Mohamed Alfalo (1 month ago)
I was expecting a mention of OLED burn-in at the bottom of the screen where the navigation bar shows. I started using gestures and hid the bar.
PulseMtT LoL (1 month ago)
I have a 5T but on last update i got lag when switching apps/virtual keyboard appearing any help?
Polo Mapanao (1 month ago)
What was the app at 1:05?
Thomas Teuschler (1 month ago)
Anyone knows where to get the Background at 2:15-2:18?
Ashy US (1 month ago)
"No notch." is still better than "We put a notch and you hide it."
Tomy Boy (9 days ago)
Ashy US agree!
Gordon Freeman (1 month ago)
Yep, 5T is great phone, but if it would cost now around 400$, for the same price with Oneplus 6 I would prefer buy new model, just because more powerfull.
Peter Scrace (1 month ago)
Not time to move on if you already own OnePlus 5T and like me hate the notch!!!
Trueffel (1 month ago)
i had huuuuge issues with the 5t. the biggest problem I had was the camera quality, all blury, photos looked like shot on an old nokia with 0.3MP.. I looked on the forums and many had this issue but one plus didnt care because half year later the just release a new phone. I got a refund.
David Yoho (1 month ago)
I like how phones are only relevant for 6 months now? I own the 5T and would still highly recommend it!! 😊
Frederik Olsen (1 month ago)
i own a op5t i owned the OP1. all i can say about the op5t is perfection.... except for the average to below average camera
ccjh0806 (1 month ago)
A BETTER SCREEN to BEZEL RATIO with a STUPID NOTCH does not MAKE IT A BETTER DISPLAY! That's why this is still better than OP6. Expect the OP6T to remove the notch!
Vitor Falcão (1 month ago)
My dream
Anas Mirza (1 month ago)
I suggest my sister to buy this instead of waiting for the OP6 3 months ago. Worth it.
Pedro Delgado (1 month ago)
Can I buy your oneplus 5t?
The Boss (1 month ago)
Yoh how I can use the dual bluethooth mode in the 5T?!
Michael Taylor (1 month ago)
Great update fellas! I'm very happy with my 5T and have changed from iPhone back in February. I'm definitely not bothered with the lack of wireless charging and waterproofing. Because I don't walk around in the rain with it or go swimming while messing with my mobile. And dash charging will always be faster than wireless. It's a cute trend but I don't care about it. And best thing of all, I probably won't need a new mobile until the OnePlus 8T or later.
SNIFY podcast (1 month ago)
It takes too long to open the recent apps with the gestures only because ure swiping up all the way to the middle of the screen and then ure holding...no need for all that...u just need to swipe ur finger up onto the screen area like half an inch and then hold
Abin Cb (1 month ago)
i got 6 hrs in mi a1 [gaming,browsing,youtube]
Obing Ngpk Nanu91 (1 month ago)
Time to move on??? Not everyone is Rich enough to get latest phone every time....
Gonzalo García (1 month ago)
What about burn-in on the amoled screen?
Tomy Boy (9 days ago)
Gonzalo García use smart pixels feature! pixel shifting option...! no burn in anymore!
adi tya (1 month ago)
Why isn't anybody telling about the update in which we can remove the navigation bar just like iphone x??
Paul Timothy Lavado (1 month ago)
Watching this on my 5T which still holds so great after 3 months. As if it just went out of the box yesterday. I'm hoping to see a notchless OP7 though, then I would upgrade. 128 seem to small for me to make it for more than two years.
Jonas Nilsson (1 month ago)
Damn, xxxtentacion really? Had higher expectations of Android Central. But I guess rape isn't that bad compared to the rest of the shit in America
UNBOXINg dude (1 month ago)
Not bad
crazylogic (1 month ago)
Be it One Plus 3, 3T, 5, 5T or latest 6. Wireless charging is not important if you compare to DASH charging speed
Kyle Drexler Neypes (1 month ago)
from nexus 6 to oneplus 5t.
Director Z (1 month ago)
watching on OnePlus 3T 😭😭😭
TheNewt1993 (1 month ago)
“Small scratch” - Looks like someone went at the phone with a longsword haha
Talha Mohammed Khan (1 month ago)
What is that on 1:09 with so many home screen setups? Is it a on a app or some thing else?
Nizamuddin Girach (1 month ago)
Facundo Holzmeister - what a fucking name!
jimmiegie gie (1 month ago)
Despite me knowing the 6 was on the way I still ordered a 5t. Got the 8gb ram/128gb space variant. The op6 with a similar price range is the 6gb ram!/64gb variant. Space is a big thing for me and the 5t has been reviewed to the tees and everyone praises it so bam.
Wasif Kamran (1 month ago)
Anyone who's more interested in secondary wide angle lens rather than secondary Tele photo lens? Hit like
Daniel Jordanov (1 month ago)
1:46 Listening to XXXTentacion - nice !
Luc Verhoeven (1 month ago)
Good vid man. Still 5T>6 for me ;)

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