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Google Pixel UNBOXING

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Google Pixel 'Quite Black' Phone Unboxing (Pixel XL Coming Soon!) ►►► dbrand skins: http://dbrand.com/SuperSaf Subscribe for more ►►► http://bit.ly/SuperSafSub Help support the channel when shopping on Amazon: US: http://amzn.to/1PGgasB UK: http://amzn.to/1XK6ZLU Follow SuperSaf on: Twitter - http://twitter.com/SuperSaf Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/SuperSaf GooglePlus - http://www.google.com/+SuperSaf YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/SuperSaf Instagram - http://instagram.com/SuperSafTV Snapchat - https://www.snapchat.com/add/SuperSafTV Web: http://www.SuperSaf.com/
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Text Comments (1661)
Martin Gerali (2 months ago)
5411 Chris (2 months ago)
Still good in 2018 ..But the bezels…
Waqar Ali (2 months ago)
Nice I like it
Munna Bordoloi (7 months ago)
Julius Salvador (9 months ago)
You just got a new subscriber mate.
Chirag Kapila (9 months ago)
I want jet black
Nimakoko Channel (9 months ago)
The cat that you see when clicking on the Nougat logo is actually a easter egg, go to the status bar ans click on the pencil (edit)and scroll down to a cat and "android easter egg" or "???" Put it into the status bar and you'll get an empty dish, tap on it and you'll get 4 options : treat, bits, fish and a chicken. Click on one of these. After a while, you'll get a notification that will tell you : a cat is here. Tap on the notification and you'll be redirected into a page with a cat.
Dhruva Das (9 months ago)
I want pixel it is awesome
Sean Jovellano (9 months ago)
Google Pixel is my favorite😘
Nathalie Nicolas (10 months ago)
can you give me that to me?
en n (11 months ago)
is there no earphones in the box?
Jasmine Aurpa (11 months ago)
No earphones?
Jonas Lindhardt (11 months ago)
"Some very large pixels" ???? What does that mean?
AbdulMalik Olanrewaju (1 year ago)
This inspired me to buy the pixel xl
RAJ MAYANE (1 year ago)
i want to donate my i phone 7 plus 256gb
RAJ MAYANE (1 year ago)
i have 2 i phone 7 plus 256 gb
Igor Assis (1 year ago)
Give me this phone, I beg you
Lol Bro (1 year ago)
the war of the fanboys continue
Lakshit Kapoor (1 year ago)
I just love this phone
StevieLil (1 year ago)
y the heck is he making such faces
colintx800 (1 year ago)
Why no SD Card slot ?????
Houston Mullins (1 year ago)
BTW when you tap the N (Nouget logo) and see the cat 🐱, pull down your notification bar, and tap edit. Then add the cat icon. Choose a treat and cats will start coming and eating that treat. So you need to add another treat. You can name the cats by taping on them, when new ones come. Hope that helped. 😃
Ariel Martinez (1 year ago)
Ripp off of iphone 6
Tuan Malik (1 year ago)
i love pixel
Ham1ds TV (1 year ago)
Fuk this shit is hard to use I was gonna buy it until I seen how complicated this phone is to use I'm happy wiv Samsungs their way more easier to use
PJH199 1 (1 year ago)
Google should be sued for copying IPhones design!
Ashley Valdez (1 year ago)
Everyone is fighting and comparing it to an iphone, im just here to see people unbox stuff i can never afford. Anyone else?
puti raysha (1 year ago)
no headphones?
Neman Sanket (1 year ago)
Why does this guy get so much hate?
Ianna Clarke (1 year ago)
where are the headphones ?
La Kersme (1 year ago)
GIVEAWAY. Win Google pixel International Giveaway! Just enter via this link: https://wn.nr/8ZWXAU It is real, not joke or any kind of spam.
aryan raj (1 year ago)
Google pixel
No Chill (1 year ago)
only if they had ear phones on the box
bro i need this phone do you send me as a gift giveaway?
Leon Bennett (1 year ago)
for the price that phone is ugly software looks good nice and slippery
TechTranslated (1 year ago)
Wow that setup sure was lengthy!!
Nick Statham (1 year ago)
*I wish..*
Harry Hughes (1 year ago)
cassandra canas heyyy
cloudz (1 year ago)
wow.. this whole time until i saw this video i thought the fingerprint scanner was the camera, lmfaoo
We are Talented (1 year ago)
do u use all phone u unbox
Mdmd Mdmdmd (1 year ago)
Mdmd Mdmdmd (1 year ago)
Can you get cases for these? Not skins like ones that keep them safe
Mdmd Mdmdmd (1 year ago)
Mainly better as it only takes 15 mins to charge my life is complete with this phone
Rajeev Talwer (1 year ago)
ill stick to my Nokia 3310
Mutata Koko (1 year ago)
a10 Fan's wait for the new sd835 they say he has reached the score of 182k moahahahahah
Syeda Alina (1 year ago)
Replica of iphone😑
Sahil Kakade (1 year ago)
Google Pixel XL Giveaway Competition hosted via Android Authority: https://wn.nr/jmxJwC
Yaseen AZ (1 year ago)
This looks WAY better than the iphone 7. I really like how its designed and how there is a google logo on the back
that was good.. i want one
Cash Blackmon (1 year ago)
Does the pixel come with earphones?
Jeanthebest (1 year ago)
Google copied apple from the antenna brakers the antenna bands
Rahul Dhokane (1 year ago)
Google Pixel mobile is launched on Flipkart Buy it now http://dl.flipkart.com/dl/google-pixel-quite-black-32-gb/p/itmemv9sxuftzww5?pid=MOBEMV9S9NMEZVZV&affid=dhokanera
NoahBlackoodvlogs (1 year ago)
just bought this phone
Google Pixel (Indian version) has this pinkish tint in on the the amoled panel. The haptic engine is cheap. Mine crashed the third day. The front facing camera captures dead pixel (2 to 5 violet or/and red dots), which was visible on zooming and observing the dark areas. Although I am a Nexus and Android fan, I had to reluctantly return my pixel for an I Phone 7 plus as the htc made hardware was just not up to the mark. with note 7 dead I found 7 plus as the only available alternative in terms of performance, battery life and camera.  Also the price tag it comes with in India is whooping ($ 1100) or 76,000 Rupees, which I thought was way too much, after using that phone for almost a week.
stranger wolf00 (1 year ago)
this phone reminds me alot of HTC instead of an iPhone /:
Abdullah (1 year ago)
battti bana aur gaand mei daal lei #maakichoo
neetu khunger (1 year ago)
sir how is the battery perdormance
sheron zachariah (1 year ago)
valiyullah apple (1 year ago)
I fall for its design and thats pretty much
Nooby (1 year ago)
RIP cute Android games
Leo workout (1 year ago)
when I saw this video I forgot s7 edge and iPhone 7 plus
Eframe B (1 year ago)
No earphones?
ROCKSTARKING (1 year ago)
Knockoff iPhone 6
Adhyan Sachdeva (1 year ago)
I am so curious to know where his chin ends lol.😂
Chris Jimenez (1 year ago)
"Your basically signing your whole life away here" lol 😂
Tiberiu Şagău (1 year ago)
4:01 frame drop?
Amuur El (1 year ago)
Let me have it
Cris Ryan Tan (1 year ago)
Join the google pixel giveaway! https://wn.nr/bYwbdS
Vegan for the animals (1 year ago)
I wish I could afford a phone😭😭😫😫
Jay (1 year ago)
Cupapet93 (1 year ago)
meroinheroin (1 year ago)
Does it have a notification light?
Lucid (1 year ago)
does it have that android snapchat lag?
nishad A (1 year ago)
if compare this phone and htc 10.....which one more good
nishad A (1 year ago)
is it water resistance
TheDigitalJedi (1 year ago)
... liking how Google gives you mad accessories
CowTipper989 (1 year ago)
I like the back of the pixel apart from the camera section, the camera section looks ugly. The proximity sensor on the front is also hideous. It has a huge bezel below the screen that is completely empty space, they could of at least put a button there or something. I don't really see any draw to this phone vs the iPhone, no wireless charging, no removable storage, etc. The only thing I can see that it maybe slightly outperforms the iPhone in is the camera.
facedfurball 309 (1 year ago)
does the pixel not come with headsets?
Bobby Jay (1 year ago)
I like how they provided the USB-C to USB-A cable and adapter
Jin Izzraeel (1 year ago)
nice phone. i might get it. your voice and pauses are fucking annoying. learn how to speak. jesus fucking christ.
Trevor Welling (1 year ago)
The little game from the N screen, the cat, is Android Neko. Its a Cat collection game. I love it.
UGANDA OLD MUSIC (1 year ago)
so no headphones
Youssef Saad (1 year ago)
no headphones ?
tombraider3586 (1 year ago)
wow.... I will definitely buy this remote control for my xbox one.
Bunny (1 year ago)
better than an iphone lmao
Rou Kenny (1 year ago)
visit the xda you will find the egg
Shaun Craig (1 year ago)
Love all your videos mate hi from Newcastle
takebackthenight (1 year ago)
Wtf $1000 and it doenst come with earpods? Wtf
The Lamb (1 year ago)
What's a retail vlogger's favourite non-contact sport? Ah, well, if you hadn't guessed already, it's unboxing.
TOR (1 year ago)
I was expecting it to come with an headphone/earphone. Well it looks pretty sweet, I just hope that it doesn't explode anytime.
Gautam S. Verma (1 year ago)
Orias X (1 year ago)
This phone is fucking ugly
Ervis Shasivari (1 year ago)
Why u dont get Hadphone ears or how u call it
basma senani (1 year ago)
slide your finger all over that N logo
Win Aatipatt (1 year ago)
Does anyone know if Pixel phone support wifi calling?
mohaimanul islam (1 year ago)
already in love with the device but its too costly :( google should have keep the price range down so people with normal income could buy
Ya man (1 year ago)
What an ugly phone.
Roma Stute (1 year ago)
look out the Isheepys are in coming.. Its another rival for them because this phone is the same quality as the Isheep
arun rajput (1 year ago)
Redmi note 3 is much better
Biyker (1 year ago)

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