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Adding 140 TERABYTES to the Studio with Linus!

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Adding 140TB of storage to the Studio thanks to Linus and the crew. Linus: https://youtube.com/LinusTechTips Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 Intro Track: Italo Disco (Instrumental) by The Plain Ensemble ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD
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Text Comments (4802)
Im’a Potato (11 hours ago)
Back up all that nudes photos and porn videos
GRANDEUR P.T. (18 hours ago)
why record with all that resolution bruh!!? i just dont understand this! not many people use 2k screens yet alone 8k shit LOL
vadde krishnasai (1 day ago)
Only one expression oooomyyyyyyyy gdddddd
ClashforReal (1 day ago)
theres no point in recording in 5/8k. just record in 1080/4k max. don't forget the content is and always will be of greater value than the '' resolution '' of the video.
uxm2009 (3 days ago)
@marquesbrownlee can you please tell me which motherboard did Linus use??? Thanks.
Adam Hicks (3 days ago)
I dunno...think I’d be just happy storing old raw in Glacier since the use case is really about eventualities.
Pc Gamer (4 days ago)
Man You are the best
incognitush 19 (4 days ago)
Dude u did ur math wrong 15x10=150 not 140Tb
Elliot122505 (4 days ago)
I’m only here because Linus is in the title
D8AZ (4 days ago)
1 petabyte by next year.
Loopy Mind (5 days ago)
So basically we're all watching a sponsored, commercial right now...
ShouldIDankMeme (5 days ago)
I heard some guy downloaded 13 zetabytes of p*rn when he heard about net neutrality. You need to catch up MKBHD
Steve Austin (5 days ago)
def. look'n bulky & a track-ish..but gd idea saving all ur 8k stuff wait'n for the phones to catch up..
TripleShot (6 days ago)
I thought my 4 tb drive was big. 0_0
MisterLifter (7 days ago)
I don’t even think eyes can see 8k. Unless it’s a huge screen where the pixels are spread apart and ur really close but yea
Vee-in-nYc (7 days ago)
Soooo....The big question is...How much??
The divine truth (8 days ago)
youtube wont exist in 2020
Soumyakanti Roy (10 days ago)
Nobody commented on the fact that MKBHD said Xenon? 😂
2much4u (11 days ago)
where do we buy the sever from
pajodato (12 days ago)
Storinator, Iron Wolf! It's RED, That's mean it should be speedy, and SEAGATE should work great on like YouTube in 2035!! What a bunch of guilible low income niggers. Get a real server solution.
Donovan Watts (12 days ago)
Lmao I love your Brimnes dresser in the thumbnails. I have the same one from Ikea it is great
ocean man (14 days ago)
This is why I love Linus. He's objectively the most knowledgable tech youtuber. MKBHD gives better reviews on phones and stuff of that nature though.
Mago sktr (14 days ago)
i only need 1tb
Shavarone Morgan (14 days ago)
I know you love that shirt but it's not video qualified. I love your work btw. Been with you from every since 😄 talk to you in the next one PEACE! ✌
EnglishMannInNewYork (15 days ago)
Linus please fly to Greece to get me one too. Haha amazing vids guys. Keep it up!! <3
Damicske (15 days ago)
Wait only 10TB drives? Why no 12TB Ironwolfs :o
RaviWay Inc. (15 days ago)
wow, 10GB per minute. That means a 120min movie would be 1,200 GB that is crazyyyyy
Scorpion7substance (15 days ago)
These crossover videos are cool
Nicholas Blair (16 days ago)
Isn't it already almost full?
Juan Paul (16 days ago)
Valdas (16 days ago)
You dont have Linus on your suggested channels list? :/
Martin Kohlberg (16 days ago)
Really 8K for Youtube?! Your'e overkilling yourself...
Nautilee Wind (16 days ago)
On the 5 to 10 year thing, already cringing about the server size. Luckily, you still only need 88mph to time travel. Jiggawatts.
xdwagpdi (16 days ago)
My two favorite Tech Youtubers. Cool.
Jordy Molina (17 days ago)
Linus is that annoying friend that we all have...
Ron Swanson (18 days ago)
Is linus just pimping all the big youtubers?
Fathin Luqman Tantowi (18 days ago)
linus pimp my drive
Sam Johnson (18 days ago)
Did he say xenon not Xeon
Nick Manolov (18 days ago)
your skin complexion is alot darker than the color they went with on the front plate hahaha
chris murphy (18 days ago)
720=coffee 1080=preworkout 4k=espresso 8k=coccaine with line of espresso bean
dododude (19 days ago)
Damicske (15 days ago)
I was thinking the same, is he "giving" the youtubers storage servers :/
mrkthmn (19 days ago)
Ha, he read my mind as I sat here thinking, that level of video is absolutely unnecessary for YouTube and all the people watching it on their little cell phones. You film feature length movies on REDs, not cell phone reviews.
Mario Arroyo (19 days ago)
So Linus is the only who knows anything about anything? And everyone else just play with computer.. that explains the over paying if Apple products.
Bq B (19 days ago)
Why is that box $2500 tho lol
MPrime (18 days ago)
Server grade shit is not cheap. It’s not the same stuff you and I put into our computers.
Mr Redshirt. (19 days ago)
it has a "xenon" cpu xD
Neelay R Singhvi (20 days ago)
its 150 tb rite
Neil Balch (20 days ago)
Excuse ME, but its a *Xeon, not a Xenon*
Corey Berogan-Perez (20 days ago)
so umm would someone trade me, give me an iphone x for an iphone 8
Lucas R (20 days ago)
Can we have a link to buy all the stuff (except the hard drive because they make 12TB hard drive now) please ?
JPFungo (20 days ago)
Xenon CPU !?
Ulysses D'Amboise (22 days ago)
Oh my god lol you were adorable!
PlzKillMe (23 days ago)
Pimp my NAS
namdev potdar (23 days ago)
you should also put the wallpaper link in description.
Howard Lam (25 days ago)
that server has so much wasted space.
So i can see you didnt use all🤔Can you give me 1 of them?😁
Green_Red_Green (26 days ago)
What's app young blood
JoeyDee (26 days ago)
You NEED 5 year warranties with Seagate.
BunGum gee (26 days ago)
1080p or 1440p is ok for this kind of videos 4k 8k are not needed just save storage really
Aldwin Estevez (27 days ago)
does anyone know whats the name of that tiny server cabinet he has
Aldwin Estevez (27 days ago)
never mind i found out that's its a tripp lite 12u cabinet
Ajinkya Jumbad (27 days ago)
Linus is the IT department of youtube
skmetal7 (27 days ago)
YOU get 140TB, YOU get 140TB, YOU get 140TB!
Maac Desmond (28 days ago)
OMG.. My Laptop storage as 500Gb and Two of 2 TB External Hard drives only. Damn they are millionaires and Outstanding youtubers too.
Paramesh Subramoni (28 days ago)
I liked the video with I Justine I have knives Lmao
Regis (28 days ago)
Lmao that porn storage
Kaveesh Pasindu (28 days ago)
Anyone watching this on the Christmas day? Thumbs up if you are 👌
faizan ahmad (28 days ago)
Waiting for giveaway result...
LegoStudios (28 days ago)
It's like hoarding but the 2017 version.
Jose Banuelos (28 days ago)
I came here for Linus.
deeeezel (28 days ago)
what server rack is that?
Kris De Coensel (28 days ago)
The problem here is that you are still dealing with custom made ... I would never recommend this for professional use... however cost determines what you get... myself i would aim to run something like this fully redundant including controller and power... one thing! Please don’t plug this in to the wall... get a decent. Ups for it!!
Jorge Franco (28 days ago)
this must be the best way to upgrade your backup files xD
MRICECOLDCOLE (28 days ago)
I heard ijustine got 150... Just saying
Uncle Piccolo (15 days ago)
it's actually 140 too with 10 for unraid mapping. (150TB total, 140 usable) So same setup. At least I think.
Omega Henry (28 days ago)
Introducing the new Coarsair 999 Pro D 50TB SD card. It’s storage density is so high we literally don’t know why it hasn’t collapsed into a black hole.
FrontDynamit (28 days ago)
There are 15tb ssd drives they cost only 15k XD
Alex Landherr (29 days ago)
Linus in: *Server Guy*
Shad0wCube (29 days ago)
Can Anyone else count? 10tb drives / 15 = 150 not 140
Euro Fritz (29 days ago)
They talk about that directly in the video you just watched (or did not watch?).
Jamal H (29 days ago)
Hmm yeah well I'm actually fine with 1080p
Sultan Singh (29 days ago)
NOw Who's Next Linus ??
XxGAME OVERxX (29 days ago)
A guy who's afraid his vid will downsample on 4k....its the end of the world guys
RAFAEL VARGAS (30 days ago)
Cool video! Over all that mousepad you use!Where did you buy it? Amazon?
Dennis P (30 days ago)
Love that Linus is making the rounds. 👍
Jason D (30 days ago)
Why not freenas for hardware redundancy and data integrity
target index (30 days ago)
That marketing game is on point linus... Making the rounds on popular youtubers with the adding storage "play" love the vids
Hercules (30 days ago)
Imagine how funny this will be in 2025 when 150 terabyte will be tiny, and 1000 Petabyte is normal xD
TrumpKingsly (30 days ago)
I can't wait until someone starts a spinoff of the show "Hoarders" featuring YouTubers and their 15-year-old raw footage.
Toke Gragulesson (30 days ago)
unraid? What if the wrong drive fails?
Dooh (30 days ago)
Do yourself a favor. Go to Google and google Unraid and learn about how it works.
Harrysound (30 days ago)
Seriously your thinking about rereleasing your videos in 8k? Erm....
dan vo (30 days ago)
linus needs a views hahaha whata a loser. He did the same for ijustine. I jack off to linus kids videos all the time. Fuck him
Killer2600 (30 days ago)
I urge you not to become a data hoarder. Data hoarding is a real problem, sufferers need to get help and not feed the addiction. Have you seen Linus' multiple filled storinator's?
Doonus (1 month ago)
5k? 6k? 8k? No. No one watches YouTube on an 8k monitor.
Akash Chopra (28 days ago)
Smarty, you didn’t hear him saying it was to future proof?
RandomStuffFixer (1 month ago)
Actual Retail Value: $7363. (1 storinator + 15 ironwolf drives = $2473 + $4890 = $7363 USD) YMMV!
RandomStuffFixer (1 month ago)
Can we get Casey Neistat one of these rigs too?
dhruv kumar (1 month ago)
this is the only channel where the video quality is great even on 360p.
Is only 1 redundacy drive enough?
Dougale MacAlestyr (1 month ago)
That cube rack is pretty sweet.  I like the drawer rails. More Collab videos!
itsEarthlingVibes (1 month ago)
Justine has a 150TB one :) -i have 3 dollars-
Sabanurag fan Nicotine (1 month ago)
What is this bitcoin thing, is it a bubble?
Aoru (1 month ago)
Who actually has a monitor that can support 8k when barely enough people have 4k monitors for your average gamer / user. 8k is overkill let alone youtube down samples the video with compression.
cheepo unboxings (1 month ago)
100 of the terabits 4 prawn
Dvir Arazi (1 month ago)
Damn, either you're really tall, or Linus is really small

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