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Muslim Succession Law || Islamic Law of Inheritance || Faraid || Subhan Bande, Advocate, Kadapa

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Islamic Law of Inheritance, Mohammaden law of succession, inheritance among Muslims, Muslim law of inheritance in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Muslim family law, Intestate succession in Sunni School, sharers, residuaries, distant kindred, doctrine of aul, doctrine of radd, sunni muslim succession,
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Text Comments (17)
Kantaraj Tavane (5 days ago)
From the slides it is clear that you must have worked very hard. Thank You Sir.
Kantaraj Tavane (5 days ago)
Very Nice Presentation of Slides. Thanks for your clear explanation.
King King (9 days ago)
Sir pls make more videos on Muslim law such as gift , pre-emption Trust ,guardianship etc
Subhan's Legal World (8 days ago)
Nandini Kapoor (9 days ago)
U r so good sir
Nandini Kapoor (12 days ago)
Sir what are the exceptions of hiba
Ashish Zaware (18 days ago)
Thank you.
Mubarak Haider (21 days ago)
Sir, you did fantastic job. This is the first video in English on law relating to Muslim succession. I have consistently watched your videos. Finally, I got this one. Thank you very much sir.
Balaji roopnar (25 days ago)
Thank u so much sir valuable video contents . Sir PLZ Provide VIDEOS ON PROPERTY LAW.
kiran chinnaram (26 days ago)
Nice master
Sir can you please send me notes of Property Law Sir Please help
Sir Please make videos on Transfer of property act
after a long time .waiting for u r classes this not for me .i and we are educating and educating others also continue u r education revaluation and once again thanks a lot sir jurist
Jagriti Mahajan (27 days ago)
Got an exam tomorrow. This will save me. Thank you so much.
Tushi Ghosh (27 days ago)
thank you so much sir....
Adv.Shailendra Godiyal (27 days ago)
Waoo,thank you so so much sir...you are doing a Nobel work ..you are a true teacher in this world. Sir, could you plz prepare material on CPC, Evidence and CrPC. Thank you in anticipation👍👍

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