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How To Charge Your Phone to Get the Best Battery Life. Should You Charge Overnight?

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Learn how to charge your smartphone for the best battery life. Is charging your phone through the night safe? And are third-party accessories hurting your phones battery? Learn the do's and dont's of charging your mobile device. Don't forget to follow and subscribe to my channel. Thanks for watching! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mattmoniz123 Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mattmoniz Website: http://www.matthewmoniz.com
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Text Comments (357)
Pallav Agrawal (5 days ago)
Should we charge our phone to 100 % or till 99% for better battery life..?
Azims Lives (28 days ago)
intro too Loud!
Irthiza Ahmad (1 month ago)
Vishnu V R (1 month ago)
Why is he always looking downwards ?
Oh shit..... And i let my phone go to zero... How can i fix my battery ..I'm using infinix smart
mariana militaru (2 months ago)
Im watching this at 51%
Sarath Kumar (2 months ago)
My phone not charge on switch on mode. I charging in switch off mode. Any tips on that you have?
Candice Perry (3 months ago)
I should get another phone
Ya boi Skinny penis (3 months ago)
Thank you
Karl Serrano (3 months ago)
My Asus Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro freezes when I'm using it's charger adapter. Figured out that it freezes when the adapter is 2.0V Hmm.
Natalia Jones-Ramos (3 months ago)
Can you reboost battery life?
Mohamed Raed Mahfoudhi (3 months ago)
Man I tried doing what you said. Charge your phone at 50% and keep it below 80%. This is my first time. I don't know, I feel like I'm loosing battery juice faster.
Vinsbas Govinda (3 months ago)
How many times can I charge my smartphone in a day Sir??
Ross Mackenzie (3 months ago)
I used to charge it through the day on the iPhone 5 and it completely fucked up the battery, maybe I done something else but I never realised if I did.
Thumno Annal (4 months ago)
My Android phone battery is li polymer. Can I keep for like 5 minutes when it's 100% charge? Please let me know.. Will that give me longer baterry life? Please let me know..
the eabster (4 months ago)
You said the battery has so many charge cycles in it . if I let my battery get down to 50% and charging each time and take it off at 80. That allows me 30% of the battery .I would be charging my phone repeatedly each day. Each time I plug my phone in is considered a charge cycle correct? Then again if I plug it in every time it gets down to 50% and pull it off when it's 80% that's a shit ton of charge cycles per day. Maybe I'm just not understanding. unless that's not considered a charge cycle. But I thought a charge cycle was when you charge your phone? Videos a year old if you don't get time to get back to this question I understood thanks for your video
Street Wall (4 months ago)
the eabster Based on what I read around the internet, a cycle is something from low battery warning(0%-15%)-(100%). 50-80% kinda lessen the stress the battery would take from long hours of charging unlike 15-100.
After Death (4 months ago)
When should i charge the phone ? Lowest battery % ?
Joren Dalogdog (3 months ago)
After Death if you want more, you may want to visit this very informative site. A group of researchers and experts heavily specialized on batteries. :) batteryuniversity.com
Joren Dalogdog (3 months ago)
You're welcome! Just bought my latest phone last December and I had sessions of charging that I've been used to (get low at least 20 then fully charge) for the first week. I wanted to know how to take good care of smartphone batteries wisely especially when it's just newly bought. After weeks of research and applying them carefully in experience, I was really satisfied of the results. 'til today I'm really very strict to how I should charge my phone.
After Death (3 months ago)
Joren Dalogdog tysm man! 👊
Joren Dalogdog (3 months ago)
After Death maintain at least 40% and charge to 80%. Li-ion batteries do not need to be full charged. Partial charges are better. :)
Sean (4 months ago)
Your music is crazy loud but voice is soft
pan // pxnsys (4 months ago)
My charger is screwed up and when I charged it up last night it was only 9%
Luka Arnez (5 months ago)
Thank you that helped me soo much
Rea Kaendiy (5 months ago)
i charge my battey from 20% to 95% to calibrate the battery because my battery is non removable..
Javier Solano (5 months ago)
FUCK I RECENTLY GOT AN IPHONE . I thought going from 20% to 100% was the best way, lmao I feel so stupid. Thank you
Jan Slavotínek (5 months ago)
keeping battery between 50% and 80% ? Isnt that using a recharge cycle when i charge from 50 to 80 ? And obviously i will do that often so i will waste my cycles faster? Thats not good is it?
Joren Dalogdog (3 months ago)
The reason why it is better to let the current battery state to both extreme points is that it wears out the battery faster. By doing so, the lithium batteries we have in our smartphone will only last for 300 to 500 cycles until the battery capacity decreases by 30%. What I'd also like to say is that the battery capacity decrease is inevitable as we use our phone but we can reduce the rate and extend its lifespan.
Joren Dalogdog (3 months ago)
Jan Slavotínek A normal li-ion batteries will only last for up to 300 to 500 full charge cycles and indeed you are right that every charging session is a charging cycle but partial charging are actually better than doing full discharge/charge cycles (0 to 100). The explanation here is that you try not to let your battery go to "extremes." A battery that is too low is an extreme and a battery having at least 90 or fully charged is also an extreme.
CHUNKEY (5 months ago)
Took notes and took the case off before bed, fell trying to get up in the night, stepped on the cord and sent it flying and now it's cracked... ;(
Joren Dalogdog (3 months ago)
CHUNKEY aw sorry :o
Scentmonk (5 months ago)
had a galaxy note 2 for 4 years now and always charge the battery from 5% back up to 100%, never had a problem.
HL (5 months ago)
My OCD always makes me charge the phone when it’s below 80%..I charge when driving ..at home I charge with a power bank on n off when it’s below 80%..
Mchelaa (5 months ago)
Is it okay to use powerbanks? or does it affect the battery badly?
south star (6 months ago)
From my experience, this is the worst way to charge your battery. I allow my battery to drop to 10% and then charge it full. I never interrupt that cycle. I intentionally overcharge my phone by an hour or so once every 30 days. I've gotten 3years out of it and have been a heavy user this past year. I know most people charge often and i rarely see their batteries lasting. Also having a lot of apps running in the background deplete battery.
purpleeggkyu (6 months ago)
How about charging with powerbank or in the car?
I have my S5 (2014) ever since and its working well except the battery :)
Mharlon Usana (6 months ago)
Seriously, the Manual should say how many hours to charge not an explanation of the battery dumbass! We know that its Lithium Ion, its a battery. How many hours is the question? This video doesn't even say the hours of charge, damn it!
Planet Strength (6 months ago)
Thanks for the video but I have one question. Why only charge to 80%? I understand that topping off the battery at 100% could decrease the life but why not to 99% instead of 80%?
BallroomBlitz (7 months ago)
So what should I do when my battery is 15% and i am outside? Turn it off?
BORA EFE ÖZER (7 months ago)
i have the same wallpaper as your computer on my computer
Michael Kakos (8 months ago)
How about charging a MacBook? Should I not let it go close to zero? Same rules for the iPhone apply?
Alyssa Newhouse (8 months ago)
The first tip was true because I let my iPod die all the way all the time and one day I charged it for like an hour and it never turned back on
Amit Barua (8 months ago)
Man very good video..
Dayle (8 months ago)
I had just received my iPhone 7 plus on Tuesday and this video has helped me greatly as I am wanting to keep this phone for as long as i can. There is only one question I would like to ask you, and that is would the battery be harmed if it goes to the 20% warning that the iPhone notifies you of? Thank you.
Matthew Moniz (8 months ago)
You're welcome!
Disney (9 months ago)
but when my teacher is teaching chemistry then I ask questions that we should not charge battery to 100% then he tell that no u should charge your battery 100% because if you do charge and discharge all time the battery life will decrease plz explain.
Albhool 06 (9 months ago)
Is iphone 7 as smart as to stop changing when it is 100%
Albhool 06 (9 months ago)
Great tips Matthew.Thabk you very much! Is it a problem if I have done this mistake 3 or 4 times
Ri Chie (7 months ago)
Same :)
Siddhartha Barui (9 months ago)
My battery mah is 1750 mah but an app show me it is 1000 mah .And also battery drain very fast .Can you tell me why it happen
Flighted (7 months ago)
Your battery has something called health and life. Battery health means how much charge of its original capacity it still holds. You must have had this phone for a few years
yay275 (9 months ago)
yhea you people need to get your facts right all of that is bad for your battery
dojo (10 months ago)
Nice advice but I have an iPad 3 that still gets 6-8 hours continual use from just completely draining and fully charging. I've also used while charging ( I know that's not the smartest thing to do), I don't think there is any real consensus unless Apple issued what you were reading off. I've watched this full video and have browsed eBay and still it's at 100%.
Almighty One (10 months ago)
I appreciate your to the point talk without all the blah blah that I see on so many YouTube videos.
Matthew Moniz (10 months ago)
You're welcome Javi!
Kcook2274 (10 months ago)
My phone as I watch 49% then he says keep it between 50-80% damit
DOpe DragOn (2 months ago)
He said 15% ig
Game Of Thrones (6 months ago)
Mines 51% no joke phew
Jeremy Carrion (9 months ago)
Kcook2274 lmao 36%
Gaming Vasta (10 months ago)
tnx for the tips
Matthew Moniz (10 months ago)
+Gaming Vasta you're welcome
Grass Concept (10 months ago)
what happens if I have my phone's power saver on all the time? will it do something?
nicole ganibi (10 months ago)
what is best for the phone? 20-80 or 20-100? please reply. I got my new phone and now i want to be carefull thanks.
Chris G (10 months ago)
Thanks for your tips! +1 subcribers, And I have one question, When do I need to charge my smartphone? and when must I discharge it? I usually charge at 50% until 100%, am I wrong? and sorry if there's already in the video because my English was not that good. Thanks 🤗🤗
humayun891 (11 months ago)
thank sir for being to the point
Matthew Moniz (11 months ago)
You're welcome!
Shouko Nishimiya (11 months ago)
thank you thank you so much!!! i wouldn't know all of this if i didn't see this video thankfully it was recommend to me... all i can say to you is THANK YOU VERY MUCH wish you the goodluck!! :D
Vince Allen Baniago (11 months ago)
the sweet spot is between 50-80.so do i charge it when the percentage is between 50-80? until its fully charged??? or keep the percentage between 50-80 pls reply matthew moniz
Thodoris Methamphetamine (11 months ago)
Hello everyone, i want someone to tell me what should i do with my new smartphone which i'm gonna buy it tomorrow. I mean what should i do with the battery.
Ken S. (11 months ago)
Well done video! Question: If I begin the charge at 50% then is it important to let it reach 100%? You mentioned keeping it between 50% - 80% is optimal. So is the preferred method to always keep it between that range?
Avnish Mitra (11 months ago)
say again say again Baatary 😹 😹 😹
Marla Lowery (11 months ago)
I thought charging it little at a time was bad for your battery, and that waiting until it gets low is better
hayhay (8 months ago)
Marla Lowery yeah
rg gamer (11 months ago)
cool tips , I subscribe👍
Matthew Moniz (11 months ago)
Thanks man welcome to the channel = )
andrew mullins (11 months ago)
maybe it's just me but the eye contact is killing me. maybe move the cue cards up a bit more? thanks for the tips. thumbs up and subscribed
Matthew Moniz (11 months ago)
This is a VERY old review. My latest videos are much better. Back then I was just learning how to do all this = ) Thanks for watching!
John Smith (11 months ago)
When it's the best time to charge my Samsung g s7 edge If it reached 30% or 20%??
TheTexasOOF Gamer (1 year ago)
can charge it to 50 to 80% without removing the case ?
Lisa's Lover (1 year ago)
dynomax666 (1 year ago)
what about usb charging vs wall charging?
MateusGamer7 (1 year ago)
Still using my Samsung Galaxy 5 GT-i5500b from 2010 ;)
Lefteris Stylianou (1 year ago)
I'm watching this at 7% with my phone charging at my power bank
Car3ful (1 year ago)
im watching this at 7%
LLOYD GERONIMO (7 days ago)
78 %
mariana militaru (2 months ago)
Miron Pun (4 months ago)
Lefteris Stylianou (1 year ago)
Corby OMG me too
EverythingButt Me (1 year ago)
is it okay if i charge it just up to 90%? or should it just be 80% at maximum?
Lishan Louis (1 year ago)
how can I charge my new phone . is it good to charge as soon as I get new phone or I have to use it first then charge . pls give me tips
Lam Choon Wei (1 year ago)
is it okay if i unplug the charger when my phone is not fully charged yet?
Bohdan Pukalo (1 year ago)
I heard you should let it drop to 0 once a month then back to 100 to refresh the battery
eddi dee (1 year ago)
Good tip Matthew!!!
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
Thanks eddi!
Ejuice (1 year ago)
same pc setup like me XD
Ejuice (1 year ago)
also the 2 monitor
Pierre Andersson (1 year ago)
Very interesting and detailed in-depth video on how to properly charge your smartphone! I like this video very much! Thank you for a great vid! Keep it up!
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
Thanks Pierre!
andrew rich (1 year ago)
Very good advice
spammavision (1 year ago)
thanks for the info!
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
you're welcome!
Martin Hartley (1 year ago)
hi the thing is when you get the phone earlier home from new it says charge for 12 hours is this wise or do you charge till 100%?????
Carlos and Dez (1 year ago)
I'm scared I just got a new phone samsung galaxy on5
Casey Mahuta (1 year ago)
Please someone awnser if your phone respringes does it ruin your phone battery capacity
ZoeWolf 1234 (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for these tips, really helped, subscribed!
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
+Zoe Kolivas you're welcome Zoe! Thanks for subscribing and welcome to the channel
luis sanchez (1 year ago)
thank you
Verted Intro (1 year ago)
+luis sanchez Yes, they apply to any battery as long as it's lithium ion or polymer.
luis sanchez (1 year ago)
Do the same rules apply to the lithium polymer battery In my Google Nexus 10 tablet?
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
You're welcome!
thecollinzboy (1 year ago)
Only use Apple ligjtning cable and adapter and you should have no problem with your battery. Also only charge your phone when it gets below 10% an charge it up to 85-90% then it should be good
Hamza Zaheer (1 year ago)
when i buy a new iphone i take out from box shoud i charge to 100 % winthout using it
Jim Garguilo (1 year ago)
when do i do a full charge???
Peter Galbraith (1 year ago)
if the phone stops charging at 100% then it doesn't matter if you leave your case on.
Robert Taylor (1 year ago)
I think he meant the heat it produces as it charges but before it reaches 100%
FreshGaming123456 (1 year ago)
well i was surprized when i realized i i never let the battery get lower than 30% most of the time 60-80%
Joshua Welikala (1 year ago)
when i first got my phone i waited till it dropped to 0% and then i charged it .but i only did this once ,i know this had a negative effect on my battery but is this effect permanent?
Khoa Nguyen (1 year ago)
I have a question okay so if my phone is not fully charged and I discharge it because I'm in a hurry. Does it harm the battery ?
ᴹᴬᴿᴷ (1 year ago)
ok so just to make sure, its better for me to keep charging my phone from 20-80% everyday rather than 20-100%? so when should i do a full cycle charge then, like once or twice a week?
dukkii h (1 year ago)
once a month
Manas Dubey (1 year ago)
I'm a one plus x user and i drain the battery to 3 or 4 ℅ then i charge to 100℅ and tricle it 10min more after full charge so is it good for battery, is it safe?
Wilson Chong (1 year ago)
Matt, is it ok to use a case for your phone whether you are charging it or not?
Jason Gacrama (1 year ago)
Your video is very informative, before I thought that charging from 0% to 100% is the ideal phone charging to keep the battery life at its optimum capacity, thanks a lot Youtuber :)
Aadit Pant (1 year ago)
i have one question is it ok for battry life to charge the phone through usb by laptop??please reply .Plz reply admin of video. ..and sorry for bad english
Praveen Xavier (1 year ago)
n what about a li poly battery of redmi note 3
Kuldeep Ghadiali (1 year ago)
Very nice explanation. Can you give your opinion on MacBook battery on how to keep it healthy
PrO Overk!LL 01 (1 year ago)
I charge my iPad Air overnight each night and it's completely fine for me
Miss p (1 year ago)
I charge my device ton100% when it's below 20%. Should I charge my device to 100% or should I charge to 80-90% ?
Cemetery Landscaper (1 year ago)
Iman Gianan ..yes it will affect the lifespan of your battery. never go below 30%. better yet keep it 40 to 80. maximum is 30 to 90. but 40/80 is best.
Iman Gianan (1 year ago)
Can I use my phone until 15-10% then charge it to 80%, will it affect my battery performance if I do that?
Cemetery Landscaper (1 year ago)
Miss p ..80-90
fwizel (1 year ago)
Say for example, I'm about to go to bed and my phone is at 60-80%. Is it still okay to charge it over night?
Jazzly Nazri (2 months ago)
Cemetery Landscaper why below 90%?
dynomax666 (1 year ago)
so my phone is plugged in to computer and is at 80%. should i leave it plugged in for the night or just pull it off and plug in through the day sometime?
Cemetery Landscaper (1 year ago)
fwizel ..if your phone has 60-80 then dont charge overnight. never charge over 90 if possible. keep it always below 90 or better yet 80
Shri Bhawgan Kaushik (1 year ago)
Can you please tell me am i wrong i charge my device to 100% when its below 15% should i charge my device to 100% or should i charge it to 80%-90%
salman alam (1 year ago)
for how much hours should i charge my new iphon 6s plus for first time???

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