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Legally Blonde star Luke Wilson involved in FAT** car crash which left one dead

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LEGALLY Blonde star Luke Wilson has been involved in a fatal car crash in Los Angeles. Legally Blonde actor Luke Wilson has been involved in a fatal car crash which left one dead and two rushed to hospital. The 46 year old screen star was driving his Toyota when the vehicle was clipped by a Ferrari on a road in Los Angeles, at 6.31pm on Tuesday. The 35 year old behind the wheel of the supercar was pronounced dead at the scene, while two passengers needed emergency treatment. American professional golfer Bill Haas was also travelling in the affected motor, in the Pacific Palisades district, but escaped unhurt. Detective Jeff Fischer of the LAPD told local television station KTLA: "I can confirm Luke Wilson was driving the vehicle, the Toyota FJ that was travelling northbound. "His vehicle just basically got clipped by the Ferrari." He added: "Mr Bill Haas was the passenger in the Ferrari. Apparently, from what I was told, he's doing OK too." Meanwhile, a statement from the LA Fire department confirmed those injured were in a "serious condition" after being rushed to a nearby hospital. They are a 35 year old male and 50 year old female. Texas-born Luke, who is Wedding Crashers star Owen Wilson's little brother, found widespread fame in the legal chick flick drama Legally Blonde with Reese Witherspoon, released in 2001. He played Emmett, law student Elle Brooks' love interest and eventual husband. He most recently starred in 2017 movie Brad's Status. Visit : https://abancommercials.com

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