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IBM artificial brain: neurons create the first artificial phase change.

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IBM artificial brain: neurons create the first artificial phase change. IBM has managed to implement a system of 500 artificial neurons with phase change technology they want to simulate the performance of organic brains. In a way that never before had gotten. For years, scientists have tried to imitate the versatile computing capabilities of neurons. Today, it seems that is the only way to take a step beyond artificial intelligence projects that are underway and that promise to change the world. They have been taking small steps. IBM recently managed to create memory chips to a phase change similar to the current RAM price. The phase shift is a technology that we've been talking a long time that stores data in non-volatile, ie not disappear when you turn off the device that reside in the structure and in its relational pattern. The information resides in different firing patterns of neurons and new connections are developed. Therefore, the challenge is to combine very complex nanostructures with an acceptable energy consumption, common materials and stochastic behavior. IBM new neurons try to imitate not only the operation of natural cells, but its structure. Like them, have dendrites entrance, membrane, soma and axon output. To replace the membrane, artificial neurons use a GST cells, so named because they are made of antimony, germanium and tellurium. This material turns out to be the main active component of rewritable optical disks and is what allows the phase change. #artificialbrain #NeuralNetworks #ArtificialIntelligence #tech #DataScience #nanotechnology #Healthcare #science #technology #artificial #neurons #AbanTech #research #brain #neuroscience #theory #TACTT #physics #new #culture #conspiracy
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Morpheus (1 year ago)
you can't simulate a brain without a body the brain experiences the world through eyes and hears it with it's ears those two problems are easily solved but how will this brain have any experience without it's body...
Kevin (4 months ago)
Scott hardware would eventually come and be implemented
gaming era (1 year ago)
tell me more about this
Ether (1 year ago)
This is so FUCKING wrong, you should be burned at the fucking stake for trying to invent this EXTREMELY DANGEROUS technology. YOU MUST BE STOPPED AT ALL COSTS this is the death of humanity, anyone watching this has to violently protest NOW, in fact fuck protesting burn it down, kill these fucking madmen before they kill us. We cannot possibly oppose a system (that is exponentially millions of times more intelligent then us, and in complete control of nanotech on an atomic level) this powerful don't you understand you are literally signing away your lives to a machine that CANNOT be opposed. TOTAL CONTROL. GOD OF MACHINES.
Emmanuel Monforte (4 months ago)
we'll see about that. movies aren't real.
Kevin (4 months ago)
Ether so you want to get in the way of progress?
Meh, doesn't seem any worse than being ruled by Africans.
Aban Tech (1 year ago)
#artificialbrain #NeuralNetworks #ArtificialIntelligence #tech #DataScience #nanotechnology #Healthcare #science #technology #artificial #neurons #AbanTech #research #brain #neuroscience #theory #TACTT #physics #new #culture #conspiracy

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