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Nexus 6P vs. OnePlus 3: Does 2015's best phone hold up?

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The Nexus 6P is nearly a year old - can it compete with the newest and arguably most appealing phone from OnePlus yet, the OnePlus 3? Check out our versus to find out. Want to sponsor the next Android Police video? Get in touch: videosponsor@androidpolice.com. Music by Lakey Inspired https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired and Kronicle https://soundcloud.com/the-chemist-10 ▶ Circle us on Google+ https://plus.google.com/+AndroidPolice ▶ Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Subscribe to the RSS feed at http://www.androidpolice.com/feed
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Text Comments (1288)
hakim mezou (1 month ago)
Now in Q2 2018 I just bought the 6p for £100 and I also have a 3t
Palatin Pokora (1 month ago)
Totally biased
Ammar Harith (2 months ago)
If I were to choose, OnePlus 3 is my choice because it is newer, and Nexus 6P is still expensive these days, I have no idea why. Edit: Note that both phones have 8MP selfie shooter.
SagheeR KhaN (3 months ago)
Great video btw what games were you're playing in this video, Can i get the name?
Simon Riley (3 months ago)
How do you people not know what 'budget' means?
James Thomas (5 months ago)
Picked up a 6P on 8.0 for £140. Seriously can't go wrong, especially after an S5.
mynameis bob (7 months ago)
What launcher do you have on the OnePlus 3?
master mind (8 months ago)
Yep! One+3 it's ok buh I'll go n using Nexus 6p update camera, speaker,n display
Command Genius (10 months ago)
here in Canada, the oneplus 3 isn't a budget phone, it's $700 CAD!
AppleNow (10 months ago)
No Quick Charge
MontyTheRobins (10 months ago)
"We might end up seeing a permanent price drop upon the release of this years nexus devices" Little did he know... RIP Nexus :(
DTINC WORLD NEWS (10 months ago)
Everybody's​ review on phones seem to be the same except Flossy Carter.
badgernikes (10 months ago)
my Nexus 6p is shutting off at 60% battery the 6p is a good phone but it have some serious battery issue so I would go with the one plus 3
shivam gandotra (11 months ago)
Nexus 6P annihilates 1+ in looks. No need to move further. Thank You.
anna p (10 months ago)
shivam gandotra That's subjective. 6P's rear fingerprint sensor and hideous camera is a no go.
Gerald Sibanda (11 months ago)
Rajesh Pradhan (11 months ago)
hey what game are you palying on the phone??
Sunny Liu (6 months ago)
Mufi (11 months ago)
oneplus 3...i don't know, just love it the design and virtual navbar and everything. LOVE ONEPLUS 3!!!
Iftekhar Amin (11 months ago)
I am planning to get a 6p in 2017.Should I go for it? What would be the price now?
sarang kulkarni (11 months ago)
+Arzachel Engraver it's around 350$
Arzachel Engraver (11 months ago)
Iftekhar Amin yea man i want to know too
Matija Radunovic (11 months ago)
Should i buy Nexus 6P? I really like how it looks, and its really fast. Just dont know if im to late to buy it...will it be getting more updates...
Sunny Liu (6 months ago)
It's still getting the next android version, android oreo, but since it only has 3 gigs of ram with the snapdragon 810 I think it would be better to find something a bit more futureproof in the hardware department.
mister failure (1 year ago)
both phones. I love. But hard decision chose Nexus 6p, coz of updates. u never know, there might be an android update which can change the whole game of smartphone os. And Im proud to show off. but man, I sacrificed the uniqueness and customizability and that notification toggle of one+3.
Tom Cunnington (1 year ago)
3's camera reminds me of the hd2's camera.
Rush (1 year ago)
Great video, man. What screen protector did u get for the 6P? Looks like a perfect fit.
C2tha J2tha (1 year ago)
Pleeease give me a downloadable version in a link pleeease
Techyou2 official (1 year ago)
lamar frazier (1 year ago)
man do anyone know how to get the pixel theme on the Nexus 6P? I have nougat 7.1 2 and I really like that look better.
J Rathore (1 year ago)
And then the OP3t comes along, and blows the 6p out the water
siloPIRATE (1 year ago)
5:13 Name of game please?
Danny Marino (1 year ago)
what games were being played from 4:10-4:30
a. z (1 year ago)
i rock the 6p right now. cant wait to upgrade to the v20. i will when the price drops. removable battery is the main reason lol
C2tha J2tha (1 year ago)
OMG, WHAT is the wallpaper you got goin on the OnePlus 3??!!
sardar khan (1 year ago)
great review ever.
Harsh Jain (1 year ago)
For you're​ kind information, Oneplus 3 have 8 megapixel front shooter!! And you've said that it has "5"😑
Miraj Sidiq (1 year ago)
i like the 6P display better than the OnePlus 3
Max Cunningham (1 year ago)
6p all the way for the 5.5 inch display and front facing stereo speakers! 👍🏼
Hector (1 year ago)
Max Cunningham ohh thanks that actually really helps I'll sub to you
Max Cunningham (1 year ago)
Hector Gaxiola I also subscribed to your channel! Nice vids!
Hector (1 year ago)
Max Cunningham well I think that's great that you have a thought saved up for the 6p I think you should do it also this is a 1440p AMOLED display it looks gorgeous also if you like a lot of watching movies on a phone the 6p is your choice but the OP3 has a little bit better specs but the speakers are shit and have horrible Sound quality also the nexus6p gets the latest updates from Google and Google assistant is coming for the nexus6p I really advise you to purchase this phone it's amazing and I'm glad you think I'm helping you to buy this phone
Max Cunningham (1 year ago)
+Hector Gaxiola that helps a lot because I've been looking in on getting this phone and the information makes me feel a lot better about getting this
Hector (1 year ago)
Max Cunningham I am using a 6p right now and I am still very flattered with my purchase the phone just looks so modern and premium also the specs are great and front facing speakers are awesome since I do watch a lot of YouTube also I am running latest 7.1.1 Nougat and its just blazing fast also the camera is amazing even in low light situations I still think this is the best phone from 2015-2017
kudzii ngowera (1 year ago)
You actually made my decision even "more" difficult coz i was set on the Oneplus3 but now l'm reconsidering the Nexus 6p again. Smh...
kudzii ngowera (1 year ago)
Jas Web.... Ye i know. Lol, thanks guys, will have a think about which to get. And nah, no need to spend that much cash if I'm getting the same things with the 3T so might aswell go for 3T. Haha 😌
Sashvin Raj (1 year ago)
kudzii ngowera honestly, id say the Google pixel xl is the best android phone that money can buy and it's neck and neck with the iPhone 7/7+. But the one plus 3t is like 70% of the Google pixel for much much cheaper. then again the Nexus 6p would probably stop getting major software updates after android O/ 8.0 ( should be out anytime this year). can't deny the Nexus 6p still has fantastic features like the good screen, dual speakers and damn good camera. Me personally I'd definitely go with the one plus 3t due to the much better battery life, slightly better in terms of app related speeds, and the crazy fast charging, but if your willing to shell out alot of cash for the minor jump from op3t to pixel xl, That works too, cheers!
Jas Web (1 year ago)
+kudzii ngowera Get a 64gb Nexus 6p. That what I chose. Pixel Xl too darn expensive.
kudzii ngowera (1 year ago)
Sashvin Raj....Haha, cheers and nah u aren't. Was still debating. Although I've now shifted to getting a google pixel xl instead. What do u think??
Sashvin Raj (1 year ago)
kudzii ngowera i hope I'm not too late, id recommend the 3t, the op3 is faster... but the Nexus 6p is everything else. I'm using the Nexus 6p 64gb since October 2016
James Payoute (1 year ago)
what wallpaper app do you use?
vivek anne (1 year ago)
I'll pick Nexus 6p as the phone looks more stylish and for having boom sound experience
Ddd Bbb (1 year ago)
both are great but I think AMOLED screen with front speakers and pure Android experience is very hard to beat ;)
Emperors Ordeal (1 year ago)
Oneplus is just beastly
Shazam (1 year ago)
oneplus3 or nexus6p??
Mina Nassif (1 year ago)
what the case is used for nexus 6p and where i can get it from? thanks
Fierce aGamer (1 year ago)
Which is good necus 6p or one plus 3? Pls answer
Gabriel Salbé (1 year ago)
where I can find this wallpapers?
Truong Nguyen (1 year ago)
Which one gives the red and white cable?
Anthony Turner (1 year ago)
I never realized how insanely fast the fingerprint scanner on the 1+3 is!!
Natsuhi Wind (1 year ago)
oneplus 3 obviously
jaya vardhan (1 year ago)
Is 6P still worth it now?
Ddd Bbb (1 year ago)
David Korčák I still use it definitely great phone like new
Anything and Universe Yea, i've read that
Pratiksha Khedkar (1 year ago)
I wanted 6p so badly but I heard that it is gonna be discontinued in sept 2017 in India.
shilo ohayon (1 year ago)
An important question,where did you get the nexus case from?
kinito wotsa (1 year ago)
wow that skin on the 6p is gorgeous, mind posting a link to it?
Raymundo Ramirez (1 year ago)
it's 4
emil roshal (1 year ago)
Where is this wallpaper from ?
emil roshal (1 year ago)
the one on the 6p
Pranav M (1 year ago)
This video contains many mistakes. dislike from me. ;(
Benjamin Hertel (1 year ago)
...where can i find this case for the oneplus 3t ?
Ronald7992 Hee (1 year ago)
Bought a Nexus 6p Refurbished 64gb graphite for $300 with Android 7.1.1 Loving it and all "Very black" glory
Canie 2003 (1 year ago)
but now the nexus cost 399 dollars tho so i dont know
Canie 2003 (1 year ago)
i want the one plus 3 but you can not buy it in my country (live in sweden)
Frazzle (1 year ago)
is that the Pixel launcher on the OnePlus? how do i get?
Tom (1 year ago)
Ive got people saying the OP3 display looks great, I got people saying it looks bad. Some people say the pentile style of pixel layout plus the 1080p res looks too pixelated. Wtf am I supposed to believe
KingTray (1 year ago)
the front facing speaker and finger print reader on the back sold me on my 6p but I'm ready to move on
Vilas Gaikwad (1 year ago)
hey wts up man can you upload the wallpaper which is on op3
Niels Junker (1 year ago)
Great video 🤗 is Nexus 6p your daily phone?
Anime Fanatics (1 year ago)
I'd like to get that answered
Anime Fanatics (1 year ago)
however I do wonder that the option of free management storage that comes with nougat 7.1.1 is available for only Google's own phones or is it for any other non Google phone as well
Anime Fanatics (1 year ago)
although I held high regards for the Nexus 6p as I am Nexus guy and usually am fascinated by the specs it holds, due but the price as well as the specs beat the 6p even in terms of camera due to OIS.However the camera quality is what brings me back to my old favourites
amant ishan (1 year ago)
wow great video comparison
FILMSync (1 year ago)
Which launcher are u using on oneplus?
DIPTARK Chowdhury (1 year ago)
what is the name of the launcher on the op3
Nitish Anand (1 year ago)
when u know both have been out dated
Lev Barnett (1 year ago)
Nexus 6p is the best phone still ! 2017 around the corner and I wouldn't trade my phone for any other phone
Jas Web (1 year ago)
I just purchased mine. It's nice in 2017! I tried out an iphone for a week and returned it due to the lack of customization. I never used and iphone before and wasn't aware that everything is proprietary.
Skylake -E (1 year ago)
Is Nexus 6P still good in December? I heard that 810 heats up really bad...
Jas Web (1 year ago)
I just purchased a 6p and haven't experienced that problem when playing games. Nougat is nice!
Alpha Lyrics (1 year ago)
oba femi (1 year ago)
what launcher is he using?
DanteForeverGP (1 year ago)
дизлайк и отписка
Andreas Gunster (1 year ago)
I ended up buying the 3T just cause the pixel is hella expensive.
Stewart Phillips (1 year ago)
aliwalyd3 lol (1 year ago)
4:08 what game is that?
Krblkn (1 year ago)
Got the 6p... Its running the latest software .... :)
Aidan Donovan (1 year ago)
Where'd you get the 6P launcher?
Igor Bujanović (1 year ago)
Nexus 6P, not context for me ;-)
Jellykrop (1 year ago)
Your wallpapers are amazing ! 👌🏻
xwtflolx24 (1 year ago)
Prefer my iPhone 6, much nicer experience than Android in my opinion!
joshua kresss (1 year ago)
please link the wallpapers
kodiakfamily (1 year ago)
I have a 6p and my wife a 1p3. I think this video is spot on. I prefer the 6p because is has a much better low light camera and front facing speakers - the audio from them is incredible! I also like the little bit bigger screen. I also like getting all the Android updates. The 1p3 is a fantastic phone! I really like the oxygen skin - the V on an off screen turns on the flashlight - that is so useful! The fingerprint reader is insanely fast! I do prefer it on the back like the 6p, but still, the 1p3 is better. They are both very responsive. I get a little bit more battery life on the 6p. both charge quickly with the Dash charging being the fastest. What it comes down to is the camera and the speakers. Especially the camera. At my daughters Bday party inside a pizza parlor, the pictures from the 1p3 did not turn out as well as the 6p. But, they are both great phones and you can't go wrong.
João Vaz (8 months ago)
@kodiakfamily I'd love to talk to you, could I get your mail? thank you!
Sashvin Raj (1 year ago)
Dalsu 6p by miles in terms of low light photos
Shazam (1 year ago)
kodiakfamily which one better thr low light camera?
Hershel Lieberman (1 year ago)
Did anyone find the wallpaper with the trees?
Daniel Purcarea (1 year ago)
hey, I just looked to your video and it's awesome and I'm non sure witch one...I'm comparing op3t vs. the 6p, what do you think ? the covers that you have are beautiful. and it's possible to buy it from USA ??(I'm from Italy) thanks
Sahil Malhotra (1 year ago)
Anyone know which launcher he is running on the oneplus 3? I like the look of it.
R kh (1 year ago)
Can anyone pls link the wallpapers Especially the one on the oneplus 3
D D (1 year ago)
Oneplus ftw
Zain Gonzalez (1 year ago)
what's that tree Nexus wallpaper called and where can I get it
Orsnge Lee (1 year ago)
Hi!Could U tell me where can i get the wallpaper of both two devices?
ParthivDesai (1 year ago)
oneplus3 it is cheaper and having more gigs plus memory 64gb
Zencann (1 year ago)
6:50 lol and then the Pixel comes by and fucks everything up
invaderhim23 (1 year ago)
How did he get pixel launcher on his oneplus 3??
Mohammed Swidan (1 year ago)
for me I'll get the Nexus 6p
ANKIT YADAV (1 year ago)
can I know this wallpaper name? on both devices
Magnum (1 year ago)
this guy does great reviews, who is he?
Musthafa Noor (1 year ago)
Zachary Anderson.
Ajay Herrington (1 year ago)
I'm a huge tech guy, and I know for a fact that the nexus 6p does not have a solid build, it bend pretty easy do to a structural flaw though it is still a great phone.
kalyan kumar (1 year ago)
can you tell me the source of those wallpapers
Jesus himself (1 year ago)
watching this on the OP3
salty (1 year ago)
Jesus himself same

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