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If Insurance Companies Were Honest - Honest Ads

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Text Comments (2322)
ShutYour Trap (2 days ago)
nice video rodge.
DemonicMonkey88 (3 days ago)
Collectible Card games like Yu-gi-oh and Pokemon, etc.
Greg C. (7 days ago)
Funny because more white people are arrested than any other race.
Jalees Waqar (7 days ago)
this is so accurate... ROG
eddie cayenne (7 days ago)
Not funny it s the true
Sebastian Torn (8 days ago)
Any service where you give money to get money back is stupid and makes no sense. Just like gambling. They're a company for god's sake, they want to make money.
The common viewer (8 days ago)
God I wish there was a place where all the trash was just put...oh wait! It's the system! 👍
Fogox28 (10 days ago)
Thx, *_ROG._*
Stiliyan Kirov (10 days ago)
Ol' Rog is on fire!
czaryone (11 days ago)
There you have a few comercials to do: -banking -pharma(flue medicines, sress pills, homeopathy, antidepresants) -cars
Sleek Tech (11 days ago)
The new Adam ruins everything
Mr Elf (12 days ago)
so far this is the HONEST AND BEST ADS ever I see..
Fernando Rizo (13 days ago)
Soo, m fuck!! im forced t give money!! we're just making the rich alot more money!!
Raif Barrett (13 days ago)
I really don’t understand insurance. At all.
Wilson Harris (16 days ago)
These vids are hilarious. Though it's comedic these vids tell the horrible truth of the bs we buy into.
Darren Jr. (19 days ago)
I thought Rodger was wearing a vampire suit...which sadly fits even better.
tony gamer (23 days ago)
If you think about it if hospitals increase the amount of money you ow them from an operation or some other health bill and then you are forced to buy insurance to get a discount on that bill then we either pay the hospital more money each time we get injured or we just pay insurance company's way more money until we do get hurt so it might be less to not have inchurance than if you did
Pasta Mug (25 days ago)
This man predicted supreme
Sparrow (26 days ago)
Police(non-white children only). Literally loled.
Commando303X (29 days ago)
"Police (non-white children, only)." Terrific.
nitrous36 (1 month ago)
Grandpa Munster?!?! lol
Gerard Jagroo (1 month ago)
Causes of Death: Police (non white children only)
Kenneth Irgendwas (1 month ago)
Hey Rodge (or however one is supposed to write this)
Christian Rupprechter (1 month ago)
Great job, Rog!
jacknife barca (1 month ago)
Police (non-white children only). Do people ever get tired of pushing bullshit?
Leigh Sevilla (1 month ago)
Mr Horton your my honest hero
Sudipto Guchait (1 month ago)
Ha haha ha ha .. This guy is really funny. What a way to de-construct the big heads.
John Oslo Kefir (1 month ago)
We watch him so that he can make money... this one is a fair one though
Mirza Ahmed (1 month ago)
Police (non-white children only).
Michel Scott (1 month ago)
Cops (not white children)
Connor Games (1 month ago)
Azathoth Asul morgul (1 month ago)
buckets of rust (1 month ago)
Azathoth Asul morgul Oh brother what a retard.
Azathoth Asul morgul (1 month ago)
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i will never pay for useless thing like insurance or funarel bs why would i pay for my dead body im dead so u will have to kill me if u want your fucking money but then i cant pay HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Stefan Smythe (1 month ago)
How about if the reporting on staged mass hoax shootings were honest?
"Existential crisis that leads to depression and ultimately suicide" That got me, you got my like.
KingNothing (1 month ago)
Where did the song come from
Mad bro show (1 month ago)
2:31 *Police* (non-white children only)
Muhammed Namdar (1 month ago)
Killed by kindness wow :D
Do about H&R block or Tax companies
Harold Barrios (1 month ago)
His name should be "Rob"
Algernon Rat (2 months ago)
No company that we are forced to do business with should have stock holders or profiteers of any kind. And that includes government.
MasterSequence (2 months ago)
I trust anyone wearing a cape
Virginia Kingsford (2 months ago)
You should get root, they are super cheap.
Neil Schlichting (2 months ago)
You should deconstruct those lease a car commercials.. "Lease this model car for 2,000 bi-weekly" the typical line
Kevin McMahon (2 months ago)
We love you Roger.
Edmon Roschi (2 months ago)
Hi , This App Could Help To Those Insurance Agents/Brokers . One Of The Mission Is To enhance the insurance broker distribution channel by delivering the best technology solutions. Here Is The Link For Further Details - http://www.sharpmobile.ca/ #InsuranceMobileApps #BestInsuranceApps
Romie Craig (2 months ago)
On a side note, the supreme court has ruled that as an American citizen you can travel by vehicle without a license and without any forced insurance. "Driving" as far as the law is concerned is a job title. Such as a taxi driver, or a pizza delivery driver. If you are a driver then you need a license. Example: you can cook a meal at home to eat and no license is required. But if you cook for the public then you meed a food handlers license. The same is true for traveling in a vehicle. You are not "driving" if you are traveling. You are only driving if you are delivering persons or goods for monetary compensation.
buckets of rust (1 month ago)
Romie Craig Yeah try using that when they arrest you and impound your car for no insurance.
Theresa Bregenzer (2 months ago)
If you're still making these, a "Truth about the Direct Sales Industry" would be a good one!
What The (2 months ago)
But what happens when an idiot crashes into you but is a loser with no insurance and won't pay up? Then you need to sue him and try to collect.
José Cristóvão (2 months ago)
Theoretically, insurance protects you from risk and civil liability. In practice, of course...
AAlexandre BBonnette (2 months ago)
police ( non white children only ) HAHAHA
我是龙Jay (2 months ago)
I've had Statefarm for about 6 years, no accidents, tickets or late payments but every time I renew, My payment goes up, right now is about 40% more than what I started paying at the beginning. StateFarm where loyalty and good driving earns You higher rates!
Tom Tonev (2 months ago)
This guy is amazing.
Brian Njogu (2 months ago)
Police "non-white only" 😂😂😂
Simple Frankie (2 months ago)
Do a video if hookers commercials were honest
Supernova12034 (2 months ago)
cocksuckers raping people in nannyland
Dizzlx (2 months ago)
You are never forced to buy collision coverage only liability to cover other people on the road.
Jorge Razo (2 months ago)
Talk about school and education
Mike Brown (3 months ago)
Good job, Roger. Insurance companies rank right up there with banks for promises of having your back financially.
Blake Young (3 months ago)
Kindness? Police?
John Romero (3 months ago)
Khaffit (3 months ago)
Police (non-white children only) Funny cause its true in murrica
Davis Finn (3 months ago)
I feel like if this was used as an actual ad for an insurance company that it would be wildly successful 😂
rene L (3 months ago)
"Existential crisis that leads to depression and ultimately suicide" What's not too far off
evoljellyfish 00 (3 months ago)
This one really gets me....because insurance companies are LITERALLY extortionists, and criminal.
Michael Jones (3 months ago)
And to top it off, you don't even actually own your vehicle. The state does. That's right. The state owns your vehicle and they have the title to prove it. You only have a _certificate of title._ The car dealers turn over the title to the state and then the state issues you a certificate. The state retains possession of the _Manufacturers Certificate of Ownership(MCO) or Manufacturers Statement of Origin(MSO)._ http://notfooledbygovernment.com/essays/who-owns-your-car/ http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?224399-Without-an-M-C-O-the-state-owns-your-cars-! https://www.cnbc.com/2013/12/06/surprise-you-might-not-own-your-car.html https://consumerist.com/2015/05/20/gm-that-car-you-bought-were-really-the-ones-who-own-it/
Michael Jones (1 month ago)
*buckets of trust* And you'll die in a blaze of glory. _Next!_
buckets of rust (1 month ago)
Michael Jones I'll shoot anyone who tries to take my rig
Michael Jones (1 month ago)
*buckets of rust* Quit paying your registration, taxes, and license fees. Get caught driving without insurance or a driver's license a couple of times and see who *_"owns"_* your car.
Todo Kap (3 months ago)
Beautiful like watching Mozart
Sinn ister (3 months ago)
Police "non-white children only"!!!! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN.....!
Rajarshi Bandopadhyay (3 months ago)
Man, I just love Mr. Roger Horton's acting. He is truly amazing with this kind of thing...
Ian Coleman (3 months ago)
Rofl police non white children
spoada (4 months ago)
Until you get hit by uninsured driver that totals your car, but yes insurance is a 90% scam Like everything profitable.
Baneet Grover (4 months ago)
Police (non white children only) 😂😂😂😂😂
Artulous (4 months ago)
Hey roge
Mirza Khalid (4 months ago)
If movie comercials were honest...
James Lee (4 months ago)
Car insurance companies are crooks. They punish you if you use their services, which is what you are paying for anyway, and you pay for others' stupid mistakes as well. No point being a good driver if they punish me for accidents by drunk drivers by raising my premiums. Such dumb logic. Plus unless I argue and fight nail and tooth with them (I did this) they will not give me the discounts I am entitled to in the first place.
Mi Kliterus (4 months ago)
Tbh insurance really is a big ass scam that for sum fkn reason is legal even tho they don’t help u with shit -__-
Saber Tooth (4 months ago)
Wayne Buffin (4 months ago)
I’m glad I’m a subscriber
I absolutely love your show, writers, actors, all good.
F Huber (4 months ago)
Deconstruct the "save the children" and "St Jude" ads. Then go for Red Cross and Goodwill Industries.
Kalu Ajah (4 months ago)
Police (non white child only)
MissNayNay (4 months ago)
The guy at 1:13 looks like a young Michael Jackson. Like, identical.
Brian Waller (4 months ago)
Anyone look at their declaration page? It lists your deductible then a price. So essentially you pay your deductible twice. Once when you complete your term and when you file a claim.
Sora Hameed (4 months ago)
Electiin and voting...
Flavio Oliveira (4 months ago)
I recommended you do"if I.R.S were honest
Gabriel F. Céspedes (4 months ago)
275 inssurance workers disliked this video.
Kapsproductions (5 months ago)
I shouldn't be forced to buy insurance if I have enough money to pay off any possible accident.
IRIE BI TRA ERIC (5 months ago)
Do you want insurance life for you and your family? http://bit.ly/2B5IyRp
Melvin Lee (5 months ago)
I like u Roger You are the best entertainer To bad this channel excluding your show is so damn anti trump So much of that rhetoric I wish u can open your own channel Thanks bro You make the best content
Michael Klewinski (5 months ago)
non white children only lolololol. So funny haha.
Hacher Unfriended (5 months ago)
"And boom, ya dead" 😄😄
Forget To Remember (5 months ago)
I’d like to see Super Bowl commercials deconstructed to be honest
Dazzletoad (5 months ago)
Its true that is criminal. What the hell.
ArthursHD (5 months ago)
How about, If x rated sites where honest?
sanansoldier (5 months ago)
Police (non-white children only) SAVAGE AF!!
Tammy Forbes (5 months ago)
Spent 30 days in jail at 18 years old because I couldn’t afford insurance before my first paycheck at my first legal job. I was a A plus student never been in trouble a day in my life but because I was poor and tried to get to work long enough to actually get a check and pay the bastards I was locked up. And what was there solution? Suspend my license so when the caught me again trying to work and eat they could fine me bigger money and then they wouldn’t worry about jail cause by then I had money to give them.
Gopal Ghosh (5 months ago)
lawyers - plz make a video on that
suhasini negi (5 months ago)
This Guy is just soooo good 😘😘😘😘
Aws Emad (5 months ago)
what about immigration??
Intelligence is Key (5 months ago)
Surprising the truth is both horrible and hilarious in his videos. Bravo man for telling the truth.

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