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Hannibal For King (Legendary Man) - Thug Motivation

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Hannibal for KIng Bio: D.O.B.: February 4, 1978 Place: New York Weight: 176 lbs. Height: 5′ 8″ Favorite Trec Nutrition Products: S.A.W. , Perfect Whey Protein, BCAA Turbo Jet, Hobbies: Auto Mechanic, Reptiles, Building Model Cars Favorite Food: Meat and Potatoes, Steak, Bacon Cheeseburgers, Vegetables Favorite Training Exercise: L Sit Pull Ups with daughter sitting in his lap Bio: Hannibal for King was born and raised in New York City. His parents named him after a fierce ancient warrior who is considered one of the greatest wariorrs in the history of the World. Hannibal managed to achieve what others considered impossible. Hannibal for King has lived up to his name as an individual,as a member of his community and above all, as an athlete. As a young man he was faced with all the troubles that every young man faces in a tough New York City neighborhood. He started his workout at a young age and for him it was not just a workout, it was a fight. He has said "You fight, you fight you own body when it tells you to quit, you fight to succeed,you fight any adversity that stands in the way between you and what you want to achieve". Hannibal for King did not have to stay out of trouble,trouble stayed away from him. He works out 6-7 days a week and he has achieved an impressive physique and an immense strength which allows him to perform routines so very unique,so extremely demanding and yet so elegant, that so many people before thought that were not humanly possible. Those who have met him have said that his fierce look in his eyes and yet his calm demeanor is something that you rarely see in an individual. Hannibal For King: http://www.youtube.com/user/HannibalForKing1 Website: http://www.hannibal4k.com/
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Text Comments (141)
*Veganislife* (25 days ago)
Don’t forget leg day
Jean-luc Picard (3 months ago)
HFK doesn’t do Calisthenics. Calisthenics does HFK
Darth Vader (4 months ago)
Legend forever :)
LiangHuBBB (4 months ago)
how many hours per day do you need to train in order to gain this kind of strength? also does someone like hannibal pay a lot of attention to what kind and how much food he eats everyday? can a person train like 2-3 hours like this per day 7 days a week and eat whatever they want yet still have this power and body like this?
DavePazz (3 months ago)
It's not really about how many hours per day you train, but how you train for strength that matters... Some people are naturally stronger/more athletic than others... so they are going to progress faster no matter what. Hannibal (and most other street workout athletes) aren't fanatical about diet or eating for results... they eat for enjoyment first and foremost. The answer to your last question is yes... provided you have really good genetics like Hannibal has. A better question is can *you* train like this 2-3 hours per day 7 days per week and eat whatever you want and have this power and body? Most people cannot, no...
강건 (8 months ago)
God ni bal
Fisher Theo (9 months ago)
Change the Title, Dude is no Thug unless you are aware of any crimes commmited by Him.
LupoWolf (10 months ago)
funny how its called Thug motivation yet hannibal is one of the most anti thugs out there :)
Я тоже токим желаю быть
Julian C (1 year ago)
makes me wanna go pull ups and dips/push-ups right now!!! great shit!!!
Neil Williams (2 years ago)
Hannibal is a freak of nature. The dude takes it above and beyond. Crazy workouts! The King is insane. Mad props!
KINGDANNI (2 years ago)
how old was he on the blue bars?
Ivan Braj (3 years ago)
Круто вобще уважуха
Grassel 88 (3 years ago)
Aisan Khalilov (3 years ago)
This is great Legend - Hannibal !!!!!! From Ukrain )
idwtbam (3 years ago)
Oh wait! Was reading comments half the video. Did I miss the notorious phone drop? Did it even happen?
Taneleer Tivan (3 years ago)
He is the king ! In my opinion he is so much better than Frank Medrano , not just because of his physiques . The greatest bar athlete in the whole world !!!
Pantera Canberk (2 years ago)
+Taneleer Tivan so true
DavePazz (3 months ago)
WAYYYY better than Frank!
Hans Wurscht (3 years ago)
Fuck u nicolaj nobody say calesthenic is thug like but real Gangster train like hannibal
Ghenghea Vasile (3 years ago)
Hannibal vs Frank medrano ? :)) WHO WOOOOOOOOOOON?????????/
Smaqgoonz (3 years ago)
Queens all day kidddddddddddd
Zain Khan (3 years ago)
Some days i wish i was black. I would be the toughest dude in my ends.
Memento Mori (3 years ago)
Un Om (3 years ago)
best video-music woldwide,RESPECT !!!!
MaskedArtist80 (3 years ago)
he must be short with that much lean muscle and only 176lbs
MaskedArtist80 (3 years ago)
this guy is only 3 years older than me, boy I have some work to do great motivation!
ayoub black (3 years ago)
nace man o big up
Nicolaj Nørlem (3 years ago)
"Thug Motivation" HAHAHA?  This guys is not a thug man.. he's humble and spends his time helping people. All those people who thinks calistenics is about being thug-like. You need to wake up
Andreas Sokratous (2 years ago)
+armaggedonized hahahaha lol. cool jams. amazing streetworkout leader
armaggedonized (2 years ago)
That's just the name of the beat "Thug Motivation" Kprimebeatz
frizstyler (2 years ago)
+Nicolaj Nørlem agreed m8 hannibal is no thug. if the uploader wants to do some thug motivation maybe upload some assaults on supermarkets and shops
mike k (3 years ago)
The reason this man is called the king is cause he does all his exercises correctly, he locks out. There's other people that do these kind of exercises too, but not many do the exercises correctly
jose martinez martinez (3 years ago)
where are you legs?¿
DavePazz (3 years ago)
+jose martinez martinez his legs are in another video... go find it.
Harianto Lim (3 years ago)
Enough with the comments. Atleast he's working hard getting bigger, stronger and better. Not like you, faggot.
Reptilian Monk OG (3 years ago)
thx to this guy and his motivation i now can do muscle up
That back... OMG
And Clayton (3 years ago)
Gary Oliver Witcher (4 years ago)
Not one leg was trained...
Driss Green (3 years ago)
so go train legs
DavePazz (4 years ago)
yes... and?
Calisthenics Lifestyle (4 years ago)
Watch the video hannibal training legs and talk after watching it again
Sharklo Akrobata (4 years ago)
Frank Medrano vs Hannibal? Who won?
I eat Jews (6 months ago)
Sharklo Akrobata Hannibal no question.
Aidan Hall (9 months ago)
Hannibal rapes Medrano
Power Building (1 year ago)
Michael Cooper medrano can't do planche pushups as good as hannibal
Michael Cooper (3 years ago)
Man that's good question! I think Frank can do more stuff but Hannibal has the better physique. Frank is a vegan abd Hannibal says he eats whatever he wants to eat. Aside from natural genetics, I think diet is why their body types are so different.
DavePazz (3 years ago)
I respect what Medrano does, but to me he looks like he's on a hunger strike...  not an impressive physique at all.
Dark Man (4 years ago)
Very Good Motivation!!! Hannibal-legend!  From Kyrgyzstan
OliverP (4 years ago)
Why is this "thug motivation", it's motivation for anybody practicing calisthenics and looking to get in shape. 
Ohm Neh (4 years ago)
I got into calisthenics in 2008 thanks to Hannibal. Dudes a legend.
made ya dash (4 years ago)
whats the name of the beat in the background? was perfect for this vid
XPYCT HUK (4 years ago)
заглавие трека song name?
It very coolly!!! From Russia.
fsb hanz (4 years ago)
legend ! thanks for the motivation hannibal. From Brazil !
GetFitorDieTrying (4 years ago)
Julia Vogue (4 years ago)
The best
souleymane hail (4 years ago)
very great
Arte Lovee (4 years ago)
anything is possible,simply dedication & hard work. i can honestly say that because ive made the impossible possible.
Arte Lovee (4 years ago)
Let me be more clearly lol what others found to be impossible (fitness wise ) I've proved differently and showed it is possible ...I feel that's what athletes greatly do as myself .
TidusL2 (4 years ago)
If you made the impossible possible, then it wasn't impossible in the first place lol...
Kee Hon Kim (4 years ago)
does anyone know what HFK`s job is?? is he pro athlete?
KVN (3 years ago)
Read the description, it says one of his favourite hobbies is auto mechanics. My best bet would be he works as a auto mechanic and if not, a personal trainer or something like that.
Ohm Neh (4 years ago)
I think he's also a car mechanic, but I think I might be wrong on that one.
ZUZAINFINITY (4 years ago)
personal trainer i think
Stephon Morrison (4 years ago)
@ Adam mc , check out prophecy he is 6"5 230 lbs
Dip Bar (4 years ago)
my brother Hannibal the best!
Roy Hughes (4 years ago)
All in all, I'm glad he's sponsored though. When someone puts this much time into something and achieves such proficiency, they deserve to get paid for it. Much love to him and his family!
Roy Hughes (4 years ago)
It's kind of stereotypical to say it's "Thug Motivation", I respect the video though.
Eric Young (3 years ago)
There is something to this thought you have but here is not the place nor the time. I understand and agree. Respect his discipline a lot though.
Bane1Mirin (4 years ago)
consistency is the key nice
salih osman SOM (4 years ago)
It never gets easier You just get better
Ömer Seker (4 years ago)
young hair (4 years ago)
im not thug but this motivates me
John (4 years ago)
He goes to Gym 100 %
Ben Cooper (4 years ago)
Truly a legend.
1337Serbia1337 (4 years ago)
To Hannibal SRBINE
007craft (4 years ago)
This is great.  I started because of Hannibal 2 years ago and today I can do everything in this video when before I could barely knock off a few pull-ups.  Training and dedication = success
MaskedArtist80 (3 years ago)
me to man! i could do only 5 pull ups   now 2 years later I can do 20 (Clean) and almost getting the Human Flag down
Bl4st2 (3 years ago)
+Lucas L Maybe 13%. I can see the 5 "abs blocks" but the 6th is a little bit hidden by some fat xD But why did you ask that?
Lucas L (3 years ago)
+Bl4st2 whats your body fat like?
Bl4st2 (3 years ago)
I have been working out (push ups and abs) for 6 months, but I only started bar exercises (pull ups/chin ups) like 3 months ago, and I can't do a muscle up. I feel like I am not explosive enough :/ Seriously, I train hard and I give my best in every workout. How much time did you took to do your 1st muscle up? 
tuned4life (4 years ago)
He like's building model cars :O, loves cars and has a great physique, then we share 2 thing but my physique  is not like his but not alot of people have a body like him
tuned4life (4 years ago)
+Sigma Hobbies: Auto Mechanic, Reptiles, Building Model Cars
Christophe Paquin (4 years ago)
Thats a beast !
Hand Walking (4 years ago)
El Oxygeno (4 years ago)
HFK! Real warrior, real king! Respect man!
Paunovic Oliver (4 years ago)
who would dislike this video? smh..
1337Serbia1337 (4 years ago)
I started tnx to hannibal!
Dragomir Nikolaev (4 years ago)
and people say that one man cannot make a difference.. RESPECT
happpyplant (4 years ago)
Respect the true king of barz!
Joonya Osemwegie (4 years ago)
he's called the king for a reason
popescu alexandru (4 years ago)
Best video ever
Andrija Jovanovic (4 years ago)
Because this sony called Thug Motivation...
Ahmed Haggag (4 years ago)
why this video called thug motivation?
Sasha Monster (4 years ago)
the best guys!
Quiet Confidence (4 years ago)
hes definitely the reaSON WHY I WENT BACK TO USING CALISTENICS AS MY WORKOUT. Pull and push yr own weight b4 push and pull someone elses.
Reese Lightning (4 years ago)
lol true ,,,, Guess the Musics Helping me enjoy workin out more .
Michael Benoit (4 years ago)
me that boy sick
bastian nielsen (4 years ago)
Francisco Ibarra. Jr (4 years ago)
he is my inspiration....Hannibal is the reason I started doing calisthenics...I want to do what he does one day very soon.
MyWorkoutSwitzerland (4 years ago)
some rap lyrics to this beat would be perfect
Mira Zaknić (4 years ago)
hannibal <333
JuicyExplosion (4 years ago)
Its not always about motivation, i mean u can get pumped up with good music and watching these kind of videos but really its about you enjoying to workout. You need to start to like your workout, I do it because it makes me feel better, like i love to feel the 'pump' when the blood fills out ur muscles, or just getting sweaty, or when you're eating your food and really feeling like you deserve it.. and so on. really, also always think that youre working out for yourslef not for any one else ;)
Jorel Byssainthe (4 years ago)
Well Hit got me started but Hannibal was the second I saw on YouTube.
MyWorkoutSwitzerland (4 years ago)
epic sound!
Hayk Gevorgyan (4 years ago)
Hannibal is the best
Urychon (4 years ago)
my inspiration
adel laroussi (4 years ago)
HD ?? hahahh
LupoWolf (4 years ago)
I started because of him
Alvaro Eade (4 years ago)
HFK is and always will be the king of bars. Many of us started calisthenics watching his videos
KinqMax (4 years ago)
who of guys started calisthenics because of hannibal ?????
MyWorkoutSwitzerland (4 years ago)
my man is back
GA BU (4 years ago)
he use protein ?
Kevin Umebuani (4 years ago)
one of the founders but @ the min not the best, respect still... his body is ridiculous!
aLgErIaNo HDm (4 years ago)
Damn it !! .. Respect That Legand (y)
Chuck Norris (4 years ago)
Dragomir Nikolaev (4 years ago)
Hannibal is a Legend!
What the song name??..Hannibal is a beast!! He has huge lats tho damm
RaF` iS (4 years ago)
klass.nice! :) +Like!
MikeysFitness (4 years ago)
How many did he max out on?
Nath Nsr (4 years ago)
Music please ? Great Job by the way ;)
mshefa07 (4 years ago)
If you watch the spartan race, you see him max out on dips.
Leo Hhw (4 years ago)
huge lats!
Jacobo (4 years ago)
He's definitely has power moves but never seen him do endurance reps like 50 pull ups then 50 push-ups right after

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