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Android to iOS: Does the iPhone 7 have something to offer?

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Thanks to dbrand for supporting the channel: http://dbrand.com/AP Of course we know, there are even more features that the iPhone does offer, but as an Android user, I found the need to talk about the things that I actually put into use while I used it as my daily. Want to sponsor the next Android Police video? Get in touch: videosponsor@androidpolice.com. ▶ Circle us on Google+ https://plus.google.com/+AndroidPolice ▶ Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Subscribe to the RSS feed at http://www.androidpolice.com/feed
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Text Comments (1281)
Bro which software you use for video editing
Sinan Daştan (25 days ago)
Your followers want wall paper connections. Why don't you take these people to the pedestal ?
Vasia Rogov (3 months ago)
Целофаном облепил, redneck
EpicGaming (4 months ago)
JailBreak ur Iphone, The possibelity's are endless lmao
The Jigglifier (5 months ago)
ios wasn't easy for me at all lol. Recently switched from android and I must say the build quality is just fantastic. I have been an android fan and always will be but it doesn't hurt to try both worlds. (Although i got mind fcked with ios the first time i set it up) All great but I just love how iphones feel in the hands :D
Zohaib Ahmed (6 months ago)
The things Android has over IPhone are small trivial things in customization. Anyone can get used to that after a while. I’ve gone through a Pixel, S7 edge, and 7 plus. iOS is SO MUCH stabler than android. It’s faster, more respectable, lasts much longer, and the iOS basic look may be required but it isn’t that bad
Heewon S (6 months ago)
Thank you. I was considering switching to iPhone 7 plus from note 5. All because iphone 7 plus jet black is sharp and pretty. But, I love the flexibility of customizing my phone. Thanks to this honest video I did not waste $900.
Rishabh (6 months ago)
given how he always advertises dbrand in that same manner every time , one of the key things Zach must check in a phone's got to be if it's slippery or not
Memer Michael (6 months ago)
So this is basically pixel vs i7.
Arthur Kawa (6 months ago)
I phone is not as easy as he says
kurikuraconkuritas (6 months ago)
I just want a phone that that is snappy as hell and that takes amazing photos with true to life colors
Bl Chitu (7 months ago)
Android rocks
Michael Cammarata (7 months ago)
how you gonna make this video and not talk about iMessage, FaceTime, or continuity
chapsticky00 (7 months ago)
Im an iphone fangirl, not an apple fangirl. I still cant justify the overpriced macbooks (especially the mbp, that is the one that i would use) But i work in advertising/social media. I need a good reliable phone, and the it's super intuitive, it's just easy to use. I get the lack of options but that's just what i want; a phone that i don't wish to make changes to. Also, all the "hype" "trendy" stuff is usually available first on IOS, and for my work that's a must, to be able to try everything right away. And the camera is great. Also, ive never had the latest iphone, i bought the 6 when the 6S came out, and i bought the 6S just a few weeks ago (just because my 6 got stolen), i was using my old phone at full capacity, never felt it was _old_ or slower. And it was in great condition after almost 3 years of using it. Everytime i've used an android i can feel it getting outdated. In the other hand, my laptop is a Dell XPS 15, i can upgrade a lot of the specs, and the price is way easier to justify, my previous laptop lasted me for 6 years so... totally worth it. At the end of the day, i think an outdated iphone (say a 5S or a 6) will beat a lot of the cheaper androids, at the same pricetag and they become great "budget" phones, if you are looking for the latest and better specs, and have the money for it, you'll probably find an Android that it's doing it better than Apple.
Owen wandy (7 months ago)
Link to the iPhone case please 🙏🙏🙏🌚
hhh (8 months ago)
I used to love samsung and hate iPhone, but over the view years i've become curious why people loved it so much, surely it couldn't ONLY be because they were so brainwashed by Apple and the apple eco system.. After selling my S7 edge (A couple of things were wrong with the device imo, like it got way too hot way too fast.) i purchased an iphone 7 plus (red) and it's a great device, i don't know why i even hated on Apple. The 2 companies are so similar yet so different. They both have their pros and cons. I don't see any reason to fight over them. It's all about preference.
Eddie L (8 months ago)
what about apps on Android? A lot of them r like half-baked... that's the only thing I cannot deal with Android... I think I'm gonna switch back to iPhone from Galaxy S8.
Manny Ghotra (8 months ago)
Iphone is only good for playing games.
The Tech Librarian (8 months ago)
Nice microphone! May I ask what mic you are using?
bigmaxcc (8 months ago)
Here's why I never buy iPhone no fast charging wireless charging ir blaster lack of features I don't care how fast Apple is I take features over speed you can't download movies or music on Apple unless you use iTunes
Ritesh Rajput (8 months ago)
Can make video on iPhone 7 plus
Ryan McNeil (9 months ago)
For me, I remain partial to the iPhone for reliability, world wide customer support, and how it works with my Mac.
Me (9 months ago)
Android to iOS: Does the iPhone 7 have something to offer? A RECEIPT TO RETURN IT AHAHAHAH
SolidBren (9 months ago)
Great video! However, why was iMessage considered a draw back? Most other people I know (apple and android users alike) say that texting is better on the iPhone.
A Shit Pie (9 months ago)
the oneplus is now the fastest phone now
ItsCooperTho (9 months ago)
I'm getting the iPhone 6s
tanbir rahman (10 months ago)
for me its day 1 with iphone after switching from my oneplus ..... and i miss android already
Grubbling Butter (10 months ago)
I just want live wallpapers on iOS
Dwight Nez (10 months ago)
When you realize that he went to Page as to get the shot of horse shoe bend
Eros Nunez (10 months ago)
@EverythingApplePro is this you?
Klaudas (10 months ago)
You don't need to close applications on the iPhone. That's why there's no 'close all apps' button. They barely affect CPU or battery life, iOS is optimized for that.
sanjay kurseja (10 months ago)
Battery life is the best.????? damn guy get your hands on some 150$ Chinese phones with 4100 mah battery which is almost 25% more than this
Fairy Tail (10 months ago)
You call that fast? My smartphone doesn't even have a transition window, it goes instantly into the app. It doesn't leave me time to go back to the home screen, that's what I call a fast smartphone. IPhone is as slow as shit, only your finger was fast.
james m (10 months ago)
I've always used android and been using for 2 years now a samsung s6. so am at a crossroad between the s8 and the 7 plus. i would appreciate some personal experiences.
asfgdjfgq (10 months ago)
what android phone is that at the beginning?
CamillaVeronica (10 months ago)
does the iphone 7 have something to offer?it does! reliability! unlike android devices...
captainspacehammer (10 months ago)
I have the oneplus 3 and I'm going to run the 6s for the optimizations and imessage. Bitches love imessage....
Yes Apple!
Ramza (10 months ago)
Been an iPhone user ever since the 4s but this this video has made me think I should try Android for a while and see if Android or iOS works best for me.
omer ariman (10 months ago)
For those who ask for wallpaper, this is Antelope Canyon in US
Loufas GR (10 months ago)
Idk if someone already asked but can I have a link for that 7 plus wallpaper? :P
Jose Galvan (10 months ago)
What kind of wallpaper are you using?
Jose Galvan (10 months ago)
For the iphone
flpmrtnz (10 months ago)
I ended up going back to iphone, I just couldn't stand the freezes and hiccups on android.
Joshua Day (10 months ago)
the main reason why I left the galaxy / android to ios/ 7+. Speed, speed, and fucking speed. So sick of the lagging android OS. Battery life is top notch as well. I probably go through 25% in a 10 hour work shift. thats texting, playing games, youtube, all that crap. And how does NO ONE state in their reviews that the iphone comes with a fucking 3.5mm adapter to give people their precious headphone jack? Its literally not a big deal.
Boundless Atilier (10 months ago)
Test the portrait mode! U will freak out!!
Tej S (10 months ago)
I need quick charge and split screen multitasking. If I could get that than I might consider switching to IOS
Suryashekhar Das (10 months ago)
dude what keyboard is that!
ZIPPER (10 months ago)
Stop saying daily driver my god it's not a car it's a phone. This phrase is so annoyingly overused. Be original damn.
V3RM1LI0N (10 months ago)
iPhones are so good it's unbelievable
sailorx72 (10 months ago)
Very good review to compare both Android and IOS. What is becoming a matter of conversation in my industry is how secure these phones are. Iphone seems to be winning the debate.
Hardik Paudyal (10 months ago)
Where do you get these awesome wallpapers from man ! Please give me a link !
Derkanti (10 months ago)
I've had a lot of lag problems with ALL my samsung devices. I judt recently upgraded to an S7 Edge hoping to see those problems leave, but nope! On the contrary, my device heats up when I use my data, play games, and the home sometimes gets laggy. But other than that, I have no issues with my S7. I actually might get an iPhone just for the new experience. Thanks for the review!
iGarbageAppleX :D :P (10 months ago)
What is the keyboard called that has the yellow keys?
sportsMike87 (10 months ago)
Recently switched to iPhone after years of hating on them. Pretty even review
Victor L (10 months ago)
I think iOS is pretty great, but some actions that shouldn't take more than a second to perform take quite long , unnecessarily so. Like selecting a wifi network, which requires the user to go to the settings app and tapping on wifi, then selecting a network... or having to keep apps like Google Photos or OneDrive open so that the photo library uploads can work, or having to keep the screen on while downloading something to prevent the system from shutting it down, etc etc. Simple stuff made complicated.
Abin Benny (10 months ago)
OnePlus is the new Nexus
Abin Benny (10 months ago)
for battery ...do try redmi note 4...so happy that I bought this in India.
Abin Benny (10 months ago)
can Iphone accept cracked apps without jailbreak?
Cedric Kivits (10 months ago)
What song is on the background ?
Tarakur Rahman (10 months ago)
They both have their edges. Best thing about Android: - Being able to download apps, music, and videos from the internet. Worst things about android: - Lack of support. Most phones receive only one or two upgrades to the newer android os. - Even the flagship phones begin to lag substantially after a year or two. Best thing about iPhone: - It's functional and simple to use. Messages, FaceTime works better. - The whole apple ecosystem is smoothly connected. Macs to iPhones to iPads to Watches. - Better app and software support for older devices. Even though things slow down, the phones remain very usable years after years. Worst things about iPhones: - Can't download third party apps or anything from the internet. I have used the best android phones as well as the latest iPhones. To me, iPhones seems to meet my priorities. I like the openness of android but hate it when I have to factory reset my device in order to get it working properly after installing few apps. This is what my experience was for both iPhones and android. I would love to see android catch up with Apple with the new pixel devices.
xxx xxx (10 months ago)
iOS is less customizable only because Apple knows it's not important for people of success who actually can afford their phones XD
John Doe (10 months ago)
Just switched to Apple last Saturday after being an Android user for the rest of my life. It was hard to get familiarized with my iPhone 7 plus the first couple of days but like always once you've broken into something new everything should just be fine. I'm enjoying my phone very well
07truth (10 months ago)
Didn't care for the iPhone until I felt the Jet Black edition.
som čarovny (10 months ago)
samsung s8, Oneplus 3t.. and many phones is faster than iphone 7. Google pixel, galaxy s8, HTC u11 have better camera. many phones have bigger battery, better displays , better speakers,...and many features what iphone never have. ( infra port, thermal camera, fast charging, bezeless display, and CUSTOMABLE SYSTEM.. changing icons, cpu speed, display corners, animations, boot screens, ............many many.. ) Hard users cant have that stupid OS like iphone has. I want to have my own phone. Phone what reflect who i am.
RagingTiger (11 months ago)
Missing on what?
Tina Tsien (11 months ago)
This is so aesthetically appealing. You have great taste
Danijel Malinovic (11 months ago)
Which Wallpaper do you use? Could you maybe put the link in the description or send it to me? :))
G K (11 months ago)
2:31 the irony
Big Dip30 (11 months ago)
I switched to iPhone because i was really disappointed with my Samsung s4 because after the first year it got really slow and hard to use. I want to go back to android but I don't want to put up with laggy phones and I haven't had that with my iphone.
Anas Rahman (11 months ago)
i am before using iphone 6s plus I realy hate iphones now iam using galaxy s8 I am very happy to using this phone good battery bakup good camara and the lot of custamisation also..... I dont no why people waist the money for iphone buying
The Uploader (11 months ago)
Victor Joel (11 months ago)
I use to hate Apple so much until I got the iPhone 7, now I'm obsessed with IOS but I only wish it were as customizable as Android
Dekumatt (11 months ago)
IPhone wallpaper?
Blessing Makadzange (11 months ago)
2:19 onwards whats the name of the background song?
Wan Hariz (11 months ago)
what keyboard is that
Norbert Chirilenco (11 months ago)
As an apple user, I enjoyed this video. As i've said many times before, it boils down to what you need in a phone. I personally don't need the customisation and diversity android has to offer. I'm using a Samsung as my side device for almost a year now and I don't need the customisation possibilities it offers. Tried installing some widgets...nothing spectacular, a clock widget and a weather widget but what I found wasn't what I expected. Many apps weren't so polished as I've wished so I ditched my search for widgets. As far as I notice, android isn't equal to everyone, it depends very much on the manufacturer you buy and the stock apps they supply. Those apps tend to be the most used, with some exceptions from notable developers. That's also true on ios where, if you dig into the app store you find pretty janky apps. But as a whole, I wouldn't want to stick to a 3-4yr old android. On the other hand, a 3-4yr old iphone feels more up to date. I'm using a Samsung XCover 3 and had an iPhone 5s alongside it until march when I upgraded. I wouldn't have switched although performance was on par and the Samsung felt snappier. Games was the point where the 5s was ahead. If someone wants a good phone, there's plenty to choose from in either camp. Look at your budget and your expectations from a device and choose accordingly. You won't miss out on anything regardless.
Vipul (11 months ago)
Good video! very informative
Raijin _99 (11 months ago)
ok..a short summary.."IOS is boring".
Diogo Freitas (11 months ago)
iphone 7 plus vs huawei p10 vs huawei p10 plus speed test !! please
Viraj Waghanna (11 months ago)
To he honest. I really don't feel like I'm missing out on something by using iPhone. I use it because it is very simple and easy for me compared to android which I tried to adapt to.
Khak Khan (11 months ago)
I can't change the quality of this video by my own because IOS think ITS DANGEROUS to change it manually while i am on cellular data. I can give IOS my middle finger.
lambrettapx sip (11 months ago)
oh 3D touch...you mean long press? 😟
Generic Monk (11 months ago)
ios doesn't let you close all apps at once because there's literally no point and it actually makes your battery life worse
Vip_ ss (11 months ago)
best & honest review I've ever seen
A Sam (11 months ago)
I use an iPhone because Apple customer support is the best in the world. No android OEM comes close. They just sell you the phone and kick you out. They don't update their devices for 5 years plus like Apple.
Donny Lid (11 months ago)
I had always stuck with iphone but material design persuaded me away from IOS. Until then android was down and out ugly imo. Lots of disjointed ugly fonts and mix and match layouts setting of my ocd haha ,but I couldn't go back to IOS now after having the freedom of android. My next phone I think will be a pixel as I prefer the clean, stock look. I think Google have truly upped their game Lollipop onwards.
Arnau Tortosa (11 months ago)
Can anyone send me the link of the iPhone 7 wallpaper? Thx!
Neil Mutia (11 months ago)
The comments here are funny. Most people who has a smart phone doesn't have a clue when it comes to rooting or jb. Pick a phone that you like and shut the fuck up.
NAIKY CABRERA (11 months ago)
what's that keyboard at the beginning of the video?
xRobotNinja (11 months ago)
serious question: do you still need iTunes to transfer files? and can you transfer anything other than videos, photos and apps? I like plugging in my phone to any computer, and accessing anything on my phone with no problem.
amatya bipul (11 months ago)
ya but iphone is so ugly....pixel is ugly too but at least i can choose mate 9 or s7 edge
mako A criminal (11 months ago)
android and ios, they're both good.
Professional Street Nigga (11 months ago)
The thing is that if samsung and google would fucking stop fighting they could make something great and take on Apple together but noooooo.
Gary Langford (11 months ago)
no it does not
jm_eighty7 (11 months ago)
I fuck with apple cause it does what I need from a cell phone... yes I have had android too. Just like apple better and the company is based right here in northern Cali always willing to support a company in America over it being across the water.
Unknown94 (11 months ago)
Bad quality
Cnzrs (11 months ago)
Is anyone really surprised with the ending of this video? Of course you're staying with android. You pretty much have a financial interest in staying with android running this channel.
Kevin L (11 months ago)
I myself find android much more useful for me... I live in an android environment... So using IOS just seems... Meh... Primarily because its so difficult to use bluetooth from android to ios (even using ShareIT is becoming a burden with different OS) and lets be honest... You can now get cheap android with flagship speed that is not really behind the IP7...

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